Fourth Seal.

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  Seven Seals series.

Pale horse rider.

William Branham.

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Fourth Seal.

Now, I'm trying my best now, and while something... enter in among us, is working its way through, and.... Now we're going to try tonight, by the grace of God, to take this fourth seal and see what the Holy Spirit will have to say to us in it. Now, I'm going to read Revelation the 6th chapter and beginning with the 7th verse (7th and 8th). There's always two verses. The first is the announcement, and the second verse is what he saw.

And when he had opened the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth beast say, Come and see.
And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed... him. And power was given unto them over the four parts of the earth, to kill with a sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with... beasts of the earth.

Now, the Lord help us now to understand this. It's a mystery.

Now, just a little preview to back up, as we did in the church ages, these riders and these breaking of these seals. Now, so we just get it in our minds, talk a little until we feel that it's the appropriate time to speak.... Now. We have noticed now that the breaking of the seals, it's the sealed book of redemption. And then the book is rolled up like a scroll, like the old way was. It wasn't a book of this type, because this is just recently come in, these kind of books, in the last, oh, I guess a hundred and fifty years or something, two hundred. And then they'd roll it up, then leave the end loose, as I told you how it was done, and the scriptures, where to find it in Jeremiah, and so forth. Then the next was rolled around and the end left loose like that. And each one was a seal, and it was the seven-sealed book. And it was a... no one... when they was.... It was a seven-sealed book of redemption. Pardon me.

And then no one in heaven or in earth or beneath the earth was worthy to open it or even to look upon it. And John wept because he could find no man. Because if that book was not taken out of the hand of the original owner, where it had been lost by Adam and Eve, and went back after they forfeited their rights of the Word (the promises, their inheritance).... Remember, they controlled the earth. He was an amateur god, for he was a son of God, and a son of God is an amateur god. Now that ain't contrary to the Scripture. I know that sounds strange, but Jesus said, “If you call them who the Word of God came to....” And what does the Word of God come to? The prophets. “If you call them who the Word of God come to gods, how can you condemn me when I say I am the Son of God?” See?

Now, last night we had the opening of the third seal. First was the white horse, and the next was a red horse, and then a black horse. And we find out that the riders were the same rider all the time. And that was the antichrist to start with. He didn't have no crown, but he received one later on. And then we find out that then he was given a sword to take peace from the earth, and we find out that he did that. Then he come in with the dogmas of getting the church with money, by weighing a penny for this and two pennies for that. But he was forbidden to touch the oil and the wine, which was the little that was left. And then we left off last night with the illustration of what the oil and wine was and what the effects that it had. It might have sounded a little rude, but it's just exactly the truth.

Remember, if the truth is revealed, the truth is also vindicated. God constantly.... No matter how smart the person might be, how brilliant he might be in his mind, if God don't back up what he is saying, there's something wrong. That's right, because it's the Word. Now when Moses went out there under the inspiration of God and said, “Let flies come,” flies come. He said, “Let frogs come”; frogs come. What if he said, “Let flies come,” and they didn't come? See? Then he didn't speak the word of the Lord. He only spoke... he spoke his own word. He might have thought there ought to be flies, but there didn't any flies come because God hadn't told him so. And when God tells you anything and says, “You go do this, and I'll be right with it, for this is my Word,” and He shows it in the Bible, then God stands right behind that. And if it's not written in the Bible, God stands behind it anyhow, if it's God's word, see. And then if it's outside of that, it's revealed to prophets. We realize that all the mysteries of God is made known to prophets and them alone. Amos 3:7.

Now, when the Lamb had opened the fourth seal.... Let's stop there now-the fourth seal. Now who opened it? The Lamb. Was anybody else worthy? No one else could do it. No. The Lamb opened the fourth seal, and the fourth beast (the living creature like an eagle), said to John, “Come see what the fourth mystery of the plan of redemption has been hid in this book,” because the Lamb was opening it. In other words, that's what he was saying. “There's a fourth mystery here. I've showed you in symbol.” Now John, I don't know whether he understood it or not, but he wrote down what he saw. But it was a mystery, so he wrote what he saw. The Lamb was breaking the seals, and God still wasn't going to reveal it. It was left for the last day, see.

Now, we had symbols, and we've probed at it, and done very good sometimes, see. But we know it's moved right on. But now, in the last days we can look back and see where it has been. And then it's supposed to be done there at the end of the church age, just before the rapture. How anyone can get the church going through the tribulation, I don't know. But ... what's it got to go through the tribulation for, when it hasn't got a sin? I mean the ... I don't mean the church; the church will go through the tribulation. But I'm talking about the bride. The bride hasn't got a sin against it at all. It's done been bleached out, and there's not even a smell of it-nothing left. They're perfect before God. So what can tribulation purify them? But the others do. The church does go through the tribulation; but not the bride. Now, we're just taking it in all kinds of symbols now like.... The church, Noah-that paralleled the type-went on out into sin, see. Now they did go over, but Enoch went first. That was the type of the saints that would go in before the tribulation period.

Now notice, none of the other riders... none of the other horses, or no time that this rider ever rode, they didn't have... that man had no name. But now he is called Death. Not mentioned.... He's revealed now. What he is, is death. Well, how we could linger on that for a sermon to make it real plain! But anything that's anti, that's against the real, has to be death because there's only two subjects. That's life and death. And that proves that the Holy Spirit's revelation in this day is exactly the truth. The anti, he's death, because the Word (as we'll see later here) is life, see. And this man is called Death.

Now, watch. Watch in the Bible here. It said his name was Hell... I mean his name was Death, and Hell followed after him. Now, hell always follows death in the natural. When a natural man dies, hell follows him. That's the grave, Hades, see. That's in the natural. But in the spiritual, it's the lake of fire, see. All right. It's eternal separation, where they're burned up. And Malachi 4 said it don't even leave a stubble or branch or nothing else. It's the way the world has of purifying itself again for the Millennium, see.

Notice. What is this all coming to? (Now, we've just got about twelve or fourteen minutes here, I guess.) Look what this is all coming to. What is it? It's going right back the way it did. It started in heaven. It's coming to the end-time battle. The first thing in heaven was a battle. Lucifer was kicked out and come to the earth. Then he polluted Eden. Then he's been polluting ever since. And now, from the battle in heaven, it's coming to the battle on earth, and it is to be finished on earth at the end-time in a battle called Armageddon. Anyone knows that. The battle started in heaven. Holy, so they kicked them out. Michael and his angels overthrowed them and... was run out. And when they did, dropped right down in Eden, and here started the battle down here.

Now, the battle started in heaven. It'll be finished on earth in the form of Armageddon. Now, let's watch and see it unfold. Maybe we can unfold it. The Lord help us right now to do this now. Watch it unfold. The mysterious rider (watch what he does now) opposed, refused to repent and to go back to the original blood Word. The Word became blood and flesh. He refused to go back to it. He is antichrist. The true Word bride... He's opposed to the true Word bride. He takes his own bride (he opposes this true bride), and he takes his own bride and brings her to him in a form of religion called creeds and dogmas, see. And now, seeing the holy bride, he is against her. But he forms his own bride- called antichrist-by antichrist teaching, which is contrary to Christ. See how shrewd he is? And now, instead of having a unity of love controlling worship under blood, he's got a denomination. Instead of having the Word, he took creeds, dogmas, and so forth.

Watch... gathering them on their mixed-colored horses, see. He's gathering his thing together-mixed with creeds, denominations, man-made doctrines. Is that right? Sure, a mixed color-the mixed color of the dead, pale horse of the world. Now, that's right- mixed colors of the dead, worldly form of the pale horse. Oh, my! No holy blood of the Word at all. And watch, from the four corners of the earth, they gather them. Gathered them to Armageddon, the Bible says. (I'm trying to think of the scriptures. We've got them wrote down here. I ain't called them but just... where they're written down-see what they are.) Gathers them together to the great day of the battle of the Lord God. Watch!

Now, here they are joining themselves together, coming to that showdown, to Armageddon, and riding on a mixed-colored horse-with one horse of white, one horse of red, one horse of black-the three different political... political power, spiritual power controlled by demon power which is the antichrist. Mixing that all together, you've got a pale, sickly-looking thing he's riding on. That's right. Now notice. Look what he's riding on: this pale-looking, grizzled-colored horse, mixed with black, red, and white, coming into the battle, gathering his subjects from every nation under heaven. Did not Daniel interpret the dream and seen that streak of iron running to every kingdom, of Rome? Here they come, gathering. Now, sit still for the close just a minute, and listen close. They're gathering in now to do it, bringing his subjects from the four corners of the earth, riding a pale, sickly, three-colored mixed horse-same man.

Read the full account in...
Fourth Seal.

  The Scripture Saith...

And I looked, and behold a white cloud, and upon the cloud one sat like unto the Son of man, having on his head a golden crown, and in his hand a sharp sickle.

And another angel came out of the temple, crying with a loud voice to him that sat on the cloud, Thrust in thy sickle, and reap: for the time is come for thee to reap; for the harvest of the earth is ripe.

Revelation 14:14-15

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