Living Word series.

  Living Word series.

A Vision of the Bride.

William Branham.

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Birth Pains.

Now, watch, watch. The Bible said His wife has made Herself ready at the end of the age. How did She make Herself ready? To becoming His wife. And what did she... What kind of garment she had on? His Own Word. She was dressed in His righteousness. That's what. It is right. See? Visions... Notice. Just closing now, I want to say this one thing, just before closing. That's what led me to say this. I've "THUS SAITH THE LORD." If a man would say that without--putting it in his own thinking, he'd be a hypocrite and should go to hell for it. Right. If he'd try to get a bunch of people, fine people like this, and deceive them, why he'd be a devil in human flesh. God would never honor him. You think God would honor a devil or a lie? Never. See, it goes over the top of their heads, and they don't get it, and He pulls the elected out.

Look at all the prophets through the age, how He got the elected. Look, coming down through even to the reformation, like the--the Roman Catholic church burnt Joan of Arc to a stake for being a witch. That's right. Later on they found out she wasn't; she was a saint. 'Course they done penance: dig up the priest's body and throw them in the river, but--you know, but that don't settle it in the books of God. No. They called Saint Patrick one too (You see?), and he's about as much as I am one. So we notice... Look at his children; look at his place; look up how many killed; look up on the martyrology and see how many was killed there. You see it isn't so. But the claim of the people, that doesn't make it so; it's what God said and proves that it's true. Prove all things. Hold fast to that which is good.

Now, we find out here about a few months ago, one morning I was walking out of the house and a vision came. And I challenge anybody here that's knowed all these years to say that any time that the Lord ever let me say THUS SAITH THE LORD but what it happened. How many knows it's the Truth, raise your hands. Could anybody speak contrary? It's true. Don't pay any attention to the messenger; look at the Message it is. That's what it is. It isn't that. Don't notice the little baldheaded (you know) person, 'cause it's just a--it's just a human being, you know, and then we're just all the same. But watch what's happening. That's what declares it. I was taken. Now, I know people say all kinds of things, and we know that and a lot of it's not right. I can't answer for what any man says. I got to answer for what I say. And I can only say whether it's truth or not, and I'm the one that has to be responsible for it, not what somebody else says. I can't judge no one. I wasn't sent to judge, but to preach the Message.

Notice, I was to have a--a preview of the church. And I was taken by someone who I could not see, and was set upon like a stand. And I heard the sweetest music I ever heard. And I looked, coming, and a bunch of little ladies about, looked to be, of, oh, some age around twenty, eighteen, twenty, and they all had long hair and was fixed in different dresses, type dresses; and they were marching just as perfectly in step with that music as they could be. And they went from my left going around this a-way, and I watched them. And I looked then to see who was talking to me, and I couldn't see no one. Then I heard a rock-and-roll band coming. And when I looked over to my right side, coming up this a-way (coming back), here come the churches of the world. And some of the... Each one carrying their banner from where they were from, some of the dirtiest looking things I ever seen in my life. And when the American church come up, it was the awfullest I ever seen. The heavenly Father is my Judge. They had on these tattletale gray skirts, like one of these barroom girls, with no back on it up here, holding it up like a gray-looking piece of paper, and like hula dancing: paint, short bobbed hair, smoking cigarettes, and twisting as they walked to rock-and-roll. And I said, "Is that the church of the United States?" And the Voice said, "Yes, it is."

And when they passed by, they had to hold it like this and put the paper behind them when they passed by. I--I started to cry. I just thought, "Of all my labor and all that I've done and everything that we ministers have worked together..." And, brethren, I don't know how much you believe about these visions, but it's Truth to me; it's always proved to be true. When I seen that and knowing what was going on, my heart liked to broke in me. "What have I done? How have I missed You? I stayed right with that Word, Lord, and how could I have done it?" I thought, "Why did You give me a vision not long ago and see me in there?" And I said, "Well, will they have to be judged?" And He said, "Paul's group too." I said, "I preached the same Word he did. (Christian Business Men carried the article of it.)" And I said, "Why? Why would it be like this?" And I seen that bunch of prostitutes going by like that, all dressed up like that and called the church of Miss U.S.A. And I--I just fainted.

Then directly I heard that real sweet music come again, and here come that same little Bride coming by again. He said, "This is what comes out though." And when She walked by, She's exactly like the one was in the first place, walking to the step of the music of God's Word, marching on by. And when I saw it, I stood there with both hands up crying like that. When I come to, I was standing on my porch out there looking right out across the field. What? She's to be the same Bride, the same kind, built out of the same kind of material that She was in the first place. Now, read Malachi 4 and see if we're not supposed to have a Message in the last days that'll turn the hearts of the children back to the fathers, back to the original Pentecostal Message word by word. Brothers, we are here. Now, this church is supposed to get a sign. And its last sign, we find out here in the--in--in the--in the Scriptures... See now... See, the great birth pains has been in this Laodicean age. It's born in... Their church is being borned again. Not...

There'll never be another organization. Anyone knows that every time a message went forth... Ask these historians. After a message went forth, an organization come up out of it. Oh, Alexander Campbell's, everything else, Martin Luther and everything, they made an organization out of it. And usually a message only goes for about three years: a revival. This has been going for fifteen years, and there's been no organization come from it. Why? The shuck was the last. We're at the end. See the birth pains? See what's the matter? Just a remnant will be brought out. Just a remnant will be brought out. And that's why I'm crying and straining and pushing and laying aside every favor of men on earth to find favor with God and just moving on in His Word. She's in pain. That's what's the matter. She's going to give birth. She must make her choice. The handwriting's on the wall. We see the earth is just about ready to go. That's right. And we see the church; she's so rotten; she's about ready to go. And the birth pains is on all of it--on both the world and the church. And there's got to be a new world born and a new church born to go to it for the millennium. We know that.

Look. God gives her (And listen to this close now, in closing.) her final sign, her final Message, her final sign. Her final sign is she has to get in the conditions like she was at the beginning. The world, the church... Look how it was in the beginning, all them years without, from Malachi until Jesus. Look at it all the years now; look at it all back in there, the corruption that got into it. Look at the earth, how it was on each time, like the days of Noah, so forth. Has to be in the same kind of a type, and we see that. "As it was in the days of Noah..." we see all these things just patterning up. Then we get one final sign...

Read the full account in... Birth Pains.

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