Some Major Teachings of the Message.

  Serpent's Seed

Serpent's Seed

In the begining Eve didn't eat an apple. She had sex.

"With Adam ?" you say. No. Adam was her husband. It was with the serpent. The serpent wasn't a snake.

He became that after God had cursed him (Gen 3). He was an upright animal who could talk and whose seed could mingle with the woman's. Some might call him a 'missing link' although God created all the creatures, including the serpent. The result of this union was Cain, the bible says he was 'of' the wicked one. This means 'born of'.

Eve's curse was pain in childbirth. This was the reason that Christ had to be born of the 'virgin' - to bypass the genetics of the human race mixed with the serpent. The serprnt's curse was "upon your belly you shall go". This is when he became a snake. The Bible said "Noah was perfect in his generation". He was perfect among his peers, and he was also the last purebred son of God. Since then the genetics of the human race has been all mixed up. God told the woman that her seed would overcome the serpent's seed.

Adam called his wife's name Eve because she was the mother of all living (Gen 3:20). Adam wasn't the father of all living.

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  The Godhead.

The Godhead.

Many people believe that God is made up of three people. A Father, Son and Holy Ghost. I'm a father, a son, and a human being. But I only have 1 name. The "offices" of father, son and human being, are dependant on a relationship with others. God is the same. In the old testament God had a relationship to us as 'Father'. When he was manifested on earth as our Saviour, He was called the 'Son of God' and since the founding of the church on the day of Pentecost (Acts 2) He became the Holy Ghost living in His church. He is only one person however that we call Jesus Christ. Paul the apostle meet Him one day as a light brighter than the midday sun (Acts 9). Paul said "who are you Lord". Paul was a Jew and he knew that that light was the same one that led the children of Israel out of Egypt. He called Him Lord. The Lord said back 'I am Jesus'.

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See   The Deity of Jesus Christ for More Detail.

  Water Baptism in His Name

Water Baptism.

Baptism. - 1933.

Water Baptism, signified that our old life was dead and buried, and that we now accept the life of Christ in us. This was full immersion, not sprinkling, and using the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, not the titles of Father,Son and Holy Ghost that the churches use. This was a catholic doctrine and the protestants have just continued to use it. This is because the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost is the Lord Jesus Christ. Every person that was baptised in the book of Acts was in the name. I compare this to a marriage ceremony where a girl doesn't marry boyfreind, son, and human being, even though all those things are true, but they take his name.

See   Water Baptism for More Detail.


  The Failure of Organised Religon

Third Exodus

The Word "Church" means called out ones. What are we called out from?

The first Exodus was when Moses called out a Nation from within a Nation.

The Second Exodus was when Christ called out a Church from a Religion.

The Third Exodus is when Christ calls out a Bride from within a Church.


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63-0630M  Third Exodus.
63-0724  Warning then Judgement.
55-1111  Where I think Pentecost failed.
58-1002  But from the begining it wasn't so.
64-0313  The Voice of the Sign.

  The Greatest Sin

The Greatest Sin

There are two types of Sin.
Lying, Stealing, Murder etc, are sins of "Commission."
Things that people do.

The greatest sin, however, is a sin of "Omission", where people have NOT done something.

Good people, who think, "I have lived a good life ... I haven't committed sin ... Surely God will accept me?"

But what they did NOT do was accept Gods free gift of salvation, through Jesus Christ dying for them. And they do this because of Unbelief.

The greatest sin is Unbelief.

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  The Scripture Saith...

But the same day that Lot went out of Sodom it rained fire and brimstone from heaven, and destroyed them all.

Even thus shall it be in the day when the Son of man is revealed.

Luke 17:29-30

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