Cosmology 2.

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  God and Science series.

Our young Solar System.

David Shearer.

Did the "Big Bang" happen?.

The "Big Bang" is a model that scientists use to explain the formation of the Universe. The idea is that all matter originated from a single point (a singularity) of “nothing” about 14 billion years ago, and that all of the universe is expanding away from this point. Initially, the laws of physics must be “thrown away” in order to get the Universe up and running.

A huge cloud of hydrogen gas, condenses, to form more complex molecules, then combine progressively to form larger clumps, dust, chunks, asteroids, planets, then solar systems, galaxies, clusters of galaxies, mega-clusters of galaxies etc.

It is a physical law of nature that things tend to move to a more random state. The most random state in the Big Bang model is the initial cloud of gas. You would think that it would disperse from this point, rather than clumping together untill we get galaxies.

Another problem of this model has been found by modern telescopes in space (Hubble etc). They have found galaxies so far away (13.2bn light years), that they are “too close” to the Big Bang; there is not enough time to form the galaxies that we are seeing.

There is opposition to the Big Bang model from some, simply because it is similar to the Creation model, in that it has a definite starting point. The model held by these, is called the "Steady State" model. They claim that the Universe has always existed, and always will exist. [attributing a characteristic of the Creator to the creation].

Comets have a young age.

Comets that orbit the sun, are chunks of rock and ice. Each time they pass close to the sun, material that forms the “tail”, is blasted from them by solar radiation. The comets are shrinking in size each time this occurs. Because of this they have a short life span - a maximum of 100,000 years. They could not have been formed billions of years ago, or they would no longer exsist. No comets are forming today.

Mysteries of the rings of Saturn.

The rings of Saturn are a mystery. They are mainly composed of ice. They are shrinking in size. It is estimated they will not exsist in a million years, (or less). They could not have been formed 4.5 billion years ago, the stated age of the solar system. They are also orbiting (travelling) around Saturn. Another totally baffling mystery is that one of the rings is orbiting Saturn in the opposit direction to the ones closer to the planet, but still in the same plane.

Saturn’s rings are “too clean.”

If the rings of Saturn were 4.5 billion years old, they would have colected lots of space dust and micro-comets. They are “too clean” to be that old.

Moon rock mystery.

The composition of the Moon rocks, (as found by the Apollo missions) is very different to that of the Earth. The Moon has a lot less iron in the rock composition. This fact creates a mystery as to the origin of the Moon. It did not "break away" from the Earth, as a result of an asteroid collision: or originate along with the Earth, from a common source. That leaves us with the "capture theory" where a wandering moon is captured by Earth's magnetic field as it is passing by. [a very unlikely scenario].

Geological activity on the Moon.

Since the 1500's it has been recorded that the Moon has exhibited "flashes" coming from some of the larger craters. This happens when gases are ejected from the craters, showing that some form of geological activity is occurring. This was observed by the Apollo missions, and proven to be caused by gas eruptions. It has been claimed that the Moon is a "dead" body, and all geological activity ceased 3 billion years ago. The fact that this is occurring, indicates that the Moon is only "young" in terms of age.

Moon receeding from the Earth.

The distance between Earth and the Moon can be measured by mirrors, left on the Moon, by the Apollo missions. These are able to reflect a laser signal back to Earth: The time this takes, indicates a distance measurement.

These measurements show that the Moon is moving away from the Earth at a constant rate of 3.5cm / year. The reason this happens, is due to the ocean tides banking up, by the Moon's gravity, and also by the spinning of the Earth, which imparts a changing [angular] force on the Moon, causing it to be moved away. The amount of water on Earth has not varied significantly, so this rate has been a constant.

Working backwards, (at 3.5cm/year) the Moon would have been "touching" [catastophic] Earth only 1.5 billion years ago. This proves that the Moon/Earth system can not be 4.5 billion years old.

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   The Scripture Saith...

The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handywork.

Day unto day uttereth speech, and night unto night sheweth knowledge.

There is no speech nor language, where their voice is not heard.

Psalm 19:1-3

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