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  Divine Healing

Divine Healing

How can I receive my healing ?

"Do the 7 compound redemptive names of Jehovah, apply to Jesus Christ ?" F.F. Bosworth. - YES.

No man can heal anyone. Not even Doctors.
All healing is from God.
If Jesus was here now, He couldn't heal you - because He has already done it, when He died on Calvary. It takes Faith.

Divine healing is all the way through the Message. This is a sample of some messages designed to raise faith to enable your healing.

God bless you.


60-0930  Visions of William Branham.
53-0509  Pillar of Fire.
60-0312  Door to the Heart.
57-0804A  The Great Commission.
58-0314  Love.
58-0619E  Can we see Jesus ?.
57-0806  God Projecting His Love.


And then for a man down here to say he had power to heal the sick, he doesn't know the Scripture. The... Divine healing is based upon the finished work of Jesus Christ at Calvary. It's a finished work. Salvation is the same way. You wasn't healed a year ago, two years ago, I mean or--or saved. You wasn't saved last week, forty years ago. You were saved nineteen hundred years ago when Jesus died at Calvary. But you accepted your pardon so many years ago, or so many nights ago, or so forth. The same way: "He was wounded for our transgressions, with His stripes, we were healed." It's a past tense.

William Branham -   The Great Commission  57-0804A

  The Scripture Saith...

Surely he hath borne our griefs, and carried our sorrows: yet we did esteem him stricken, smitten of God, and afflicted.

But he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes we are healed.

Isaiah 53:4,5

  The Failure of Organised Religon

Third Exodus

The Word "Church" means called out ones. What are we called out from ?

The first Exodus was when Moses called out a Nation from within a Nation.

The Second Exodus was when Christ called out a Church from a Religion.

The Third Exodus is when Christ calls out a Bride from within a Church.


60-0911M  As I was with Moses.
63-0630M  Third Exodus.
63-0724  Warning then Judgement.
55-1111  Where I think Pentecost failed.
58-1002  But from the begining it wasn't so.
64-0313  The Voice of the Sign.



The word "Nicolaitanes" is a compound word from the Greek "Nico" to conquer, and "Laity" the church (people). Nicolaitanism is where the church became ruled by men, rather than the Spirit of God.

It is spoken of in Revelation Chapter 2 and 3, where the Lord writes the letters to the seven Churches of Asia.
[See The Seven Church Ages.].

[See The Doctrine of the Nicolaitanes.].

These letters are a prophecy, representing the conditions of the ages to come. God's complaint to the church, was, that they had left thier "first love". They had allowed Nicolaitaism to enter in. This started as a saying, then a deed, then became a doctrine, and finaly becomes incarnate in a man - the false prophet.

It is so subtle because it starts as just an "idea". It is taught by those who are called "apostles", although they are false. From this we see that He is talking of a church. Later in these letters, God calls it the "Church of Satan", and God says He "hates" it. This is a very strong word, as it is not often used in the scriptures.

When another spirit wants to take control of your life, - this is what God hates, because He wants to have control of your life. We have a choice, however, to be in the freedom of the Holy Spirit, rather than the bondage of man.


60-0911E  Five Definite Identifications of the Church of the Living God. - William Branham
62-1111E  Why I am against Organised Religion. - William Branham
The Seed of Nicolaitanism.
The Doctine of the Nicolaitanes.
That Woman Jezebel.
Christ outside the Church.

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Pillar of Fire

Supernatural Cloud

Acts of the Prophet.


Chapter 11
- The Cloud.

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William Branham
Life Story.


How the Angel came
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