The Acts of the Prophet.


In 1969, Reverend Pearry Green, of Tuscon Tabernacle, (Arizona,USA.) preached a series of sermonettes, detailing his personal experiences and some events, in the life and ministry of William Branham.

This inspiring series was later transcribed, and formed into the book known as "The Acts of the Prophet".

I read this book in 1970, and became convinced of the truth of these things. What an amazing legacy Brother Green has left us, for which, I thank my Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

God bless you as you read.




The Acts of the Prophet

Chapter 1  - The Forerunners.
Chapter 2  - Of whom the World is not worthy.
Chapter 3  - Voice of the Sign.
Chapter 4  - This day this Scripture is Fulfilled.
Chapter 5  - Early Life and Conversion.
Chapter 6  - 1933.
Chapter 7  - 1937.
Chapter 8  - The Angel Appears.
Chapter 9  - The Third Pull.
Chapter 10 - More than a Prophet.
Chapter 11 - The Cloud.
Chapter 12 - Earthquake Judgement.
Chapter 13 - God is Light.
Chapter 14 - Sabino Canyon.
Chapter 15 - The Tent Vision.
Chapter 16 - The Accident.
Chapter 17 - Last Moments.
Chapter 18 - Following a Man.
Chapter 19 - Lifting up a Man.

  Partial Chapters.

There are partial chapters available on these pages.

Chapter 1 The Forerunners.
Chapter 2 A Prophet's Vindication.
Chapter 3 The voice of the sign.
Chapter 4 This day this Scripture is fulfilled.
Chapter 6 Ohio River 1933.
Chapter 8 Angel Appears.
Chapter 8 First and Second Pull.
Chapter 10 Seven Church Ages.
Chapter 11 The Cloud.
Chapter 12 Earthquake Judgement.
Chapter 13 God is Light.

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Chapter 14
- Sabino Canyon

(PDF English)

The Seven Seals.




William Branham
Life Story.

(PDF English)

How the Angel came
to me.

(PDF English)

Pearry Green personal

(PDF English)

God, Hidden and
Revealed in simplicity.

(PDF English)

Sirs, Is this the time?

(PDF English)
-Mt Sunset.
Where the cloud

Chapter 11
- The Cloud.

(PDF English)

Chapter 9
- The Third Pull

(PDF English)

Chapter 13
- God is Light

(PDF English)

  The Scripture Saith...

And his disciples asked him, saying, Why then say the scribes that Elias must first come?

And Jesus answered and said unto them, Elias truly shall first come, and restore all things.

Matthew 17:10,11

Something can't come
from nothing.
A program can't
write itself.
Life can't come
from Non-Life.
It takes Intelligence.

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