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Good News.
Jesus died
for your sin.

Ohio River. 1933.

A strange light appears over the head of a young minister, before 4000 people. A voice from the light speaks...
"As John the Baptist was sent..."

The Name of God.

God has a personal name.
What is God's Name?.

Noahs Ark.

A description of the site and tests carried out on Noah's Ark in eastern Turkey.

God and Science.

Are we an insignificant planet, or is our planet and it's position all planned by a superior intellect?

God and Science.

When Darwin proposed his theory of evolution he thought the cell was a very simple structure.


God and Science.
The Dinosaur Myth.

A common sense, Biblical perspective about Dinosaurs.

Mystery of Christ.

Who is this person we call Jesus Christ ? What is God's mystery?

The Forerunner

Before the First Coming of Christ, God sent a Forerunner. This is to be repeated before the Second Coming of Christ.
Could you recieve him ?

Earthquake Judgement.

God's Prophets brought Judgement to the Nations. Before God could bring Judgement, a Prophet's message would need to come.

The real Mt Sinai.

God came down on the mountain and a prophet received ten Commandments written on stone tablets.

The real Mt Sinai.

Was it an Apple?

The truth about
Original Sin.
Was it an Apple?

Mother and Child.

Genisis is the
Book of Beginings.
Where does Mythology
fit in the Scriptures?

Seven Church Ages

Brother Branham drew a diagram like this during the series, "The Seven Church Ages". Later, the Pillar of Fire came down, in front of hundreds of people, and drew the same diagram on the wall of the church.
Vindicated - by the Pillar of Fire.

The Seven Seals

The Mystery of the Horsemen
of the Apocolypse
(The Seven Seals)

The Shekinah glory of God.

The main difference between Judaism and then Christianity, from all other Religions, is the presrnce of the Shekinah Glory of God. - The Pillar of Fire.

The Shekinah glory of God.

How can I receive
Divine Healing ?

The Third Pull.

Read of the vision regarding the third phase of Brother Branham's ministry.

The Third Pull.

Prophet's Vindication

Who vindicated Moses ?
Did they have a vote to elect him as a prophet of God ?
Was he made thus by a denomination ?

A Prophet's Vindication.

The Godhead Explained.

In Revelation Ch 1 Jesus is shown as "First and Last", all of it. Where does the Father and Holy Spirit fit in ?

The Godhead Explained.

Book of Revelation.

Book of Revelation Series.

 The Supernatural Cloud

"Knowing this first, that there shall come in the last days scoffers...
saying, Where is the promise of his coming ?..."

Someone asked Billy Graham a question..."Is Jesus coming on a cloud, or on a white horse?" A good question. He thought. Then answered "A white horse." This is the image of the return of Christ - To Rule and Reign. So where does the cloud fit in ?

The Cloud

Angel Appears.

In 1946 the angel of the Lord met Brother Branham face to face, and told him he was ordained to take a gift of divine healing to the world.

Angel Commision.

Biblical Geology Model.

Biblical Geology.
The Bible perspective.


Hollywood has given us the image of Armageddon as the total annihilation of the Earth. But is this true?

This day this Scripture
is fulfilled.

God's day of vengeance announced.

Death. What then?

What happens to the believer after Death?

Sodom and Gomorrah.

The Ash cities of Sodom and Gomorrah were once the center of a lush agricultural area.


The Disciples of Jesus stole his body from the tomb.
Evidence of Resurrection.

Geologic Time Scale.

A theory not supported by the data.
What the Fossil Record Says.

Living Word series.

Living Word

Evidence of the flood.

Noah's Flood.
The Evidence.

Acts of the Prophet.

In 1969, Reverend Pearry Green, of Tuscon Tabernacle, (Arizona,USA.) preached a series of sermonettes, detailing his personal experiences and some events, in the life and ministry of William Branham.


Now, to my text, to break back upon the subject that I want to take: "There"... the four words. Let's explain "There." There, the most holy city in the world, Jerusalem, there, the most religious city in the world... "There they," the most religious people in the world, at a religious feast, the feast of the Passover. "There," the most religious spot, the most religious city, the--the greatest of all the organizations, the head of all of it, there they, the most religious people in all the world, had gathered from all over the world. They crucified, the most shameful death that could be--a person could be killed--naked, stripped the clothes from Him. He--He despised the reproach. They... The crucifix has a--a--a rag wrapped around Him, but they stripped his clothes from Him. The most shameful... "There" (the greatest religious city) "they" (the most religious people) "crucified" (the most shameful death) "Him" (the most precious Person).

William Branham -   The Indictment   63-0707M P33

The Mystery of Christ.

English Newsletter Site.

The Book of Revelation Series.

God and Science Index.
- Archaeology.

The Rapture is Coming.

Major Teachings of
the Message.

The Good News.
Jesus died for your sin.

Water Baptism.


The Supernatural Cloud.

Pillar of Fire.


The Shekinah Glory of God.

The Tomb is Empty
He is alive.

The Forerunner.

God is Light.

The Godhead Explained.

Acts of the Prophet.


The Seven Church Ages.

The Seven Seals.

God and History
Series Index - Daniel.

Christian walk series.

The Name of God.

Living Word Series.

End Time series.

Noah's Ark.


The Christmas Series.


The Original Sin.
Was it an Apple?

The source, Babylon.

God and Science.
- Evolution.

Angel Appears.

The Third Pull.

The Voice of the Sign.

Death. What then?.

Mystery Babylon.

God and Science.

God and Science.

God and Science.
The Dinosaur Myth.

Prophet's Vindication.


Earthquake Judgement.


Divine Healing.


Sodom and Gomorrah.

This day this Scripture
is fulfilled.

Our young Solar

Our Message Listing.

Biblical Geology.


  The Scripture Saith...

That I may publish with the voice of thanksgiving, and tell of all thy wondrous works.

Psalm 26:7

Quote from  "A Thinking man's Filter"

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