The Seed of Discrepancy.

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  End time series.

Rain falls on the just and the unjust.

William Branham.

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The Seed of Discrepancy.

I had been praying in a cave where I would go to pray. Got dusty in the cave, and one afternoon I walked out, laid my Bible on a log, and the wind blowed it open to Hebrews, the 6th chapter. Which said, that in the last days, how it would be if we fell away from the truth and renewed ourselves against unto repentance, there was no more sacrifice for sin, and how that thorns and thistles, which was nigh unto rejection, whose end is to be burned; but the rain cometh upon the earth, often, to water it, to dress it; but the thorns and thistles would be rejected, but the wheat would be gathered. And I thought, “Well, it's just the wind happened to blow that open.” Well, I just laid the Bible down again. And I thought, “Well, now I'll just....” And here come the wind and blowed it open. That happened three times. And I thought, “Well, now, that's strange.”

And then as I raised up I thought, “Lord, why would You open that Bible for me to read that, when I get down to that where, thorns and thistles, which is nigh unto rejection, whose end is to be burned?” I thought, “Why, would You open that to me there?” And looking out across.

Now, these real visions come without pulling into any gear. That's just God. See? I looked and I seen an earth that was turning out in front of me, and I seen it was all disked up. There was a man dressed in white, went around sowing wheat. And after he went around the curvature of the earth; around come a man that looked horrible, and he was dressed in black, and he was throwing weed seeds all over it. They both come up together. And when they did, they both was thirsty, because a rain was needed. And each one looked like was praying, with his little head bent over, “Lord, send the rain, send the rain.” And the great clouds come up, and the rain fell upon both of them. When it did, the little wheat jumped up and begin to say, “Praise the Lord! Praise the Lord!” And the little weed jumped up right at the same side, and said, “Praise the Lord! Praise the Lord!”

Then the vision was interpreted. The rain falls on the just and the unjust. The same Spirit can fall in a meeting, and everybody rejoice in it: hypocrites, Christians, and all together. Exactly right. But what is it? By their fruits they are known. See? That's the only way it can ever be known.

Then you see that now, since wild oats, or wild wheat and grain sometimes impersonates a genuine, domestic grain, so close that it would deceive the very elected. I think we're living in a timely age, when these things should be preached on and talked about.

Notice in verse 41, the two also very close, so close in the last days till He didn't do.... He could not depend on some certain church to separate them, say, the Methodist or the Baptist, or the Pentecostals, to separate them. He said, “He sends His angels to separate them.” An angel is coming to bring the separation, the segregation between the right and the wrong. And no one can do that but the angel of the Lord. He's the one that is going to tell which is right and which is wrong. God said He will send His angels at the last time. Not angels down through here, but angels at the last time, and would gather together. We know that this is the coming harvest time now. Now, an angel is actually interpreted a “messenger.” And we see that there is seven angels of the seven churches through the church ages.

Notice who He said that the sowers were, and also what the seed was. One, the sower was He, the Son of God, who went forth sowing seed. And an enemy came behind Him, which was the devil, and sowed the seed of discrepancy, behind the sowing of the right Seed. Now, friends, that has happened through every age since we've had a world. Exactly. All the way from the beginning, it started the very same thing.

We notice that the first sower of the seed of discrepancy was branded “the devil,” and we know it was in Genesis 1. Now we find out, that over here in the book of Matthew, the 13th chapter, Jesus still brands any discrepancy to His Word as being the devil. And this 1965, anything that sows discrepancy, contrary to the written Word of God, or puts any private interpretation to it, is the seed of discrepancy. God will not honor it. He can't. It won't mix. It certainly will not. It's like mustard seed; it won't mix with anything else, you can't hybreed it, it's got to be the genuine thing. Seed of discrepancy!

Now we find, when God sowed His Seed in the garden of Eden, we find out that it brought forth an Abel. But when Satan sowed his seed of discrepancy, it brought forth a Cain. One brought forth a righteous one; one brought forth an unrighteous one. Because that Eve listened to the word of discrepancy, contrary to the Word of God, and it started the ball of sin rolling right there, and has rolled ever since. And we'll never get it all out until the angels comes and segregates the thing, and God takes His children to the Kingdom, and the tares will be burned. Notice those two vines.

Notice, their seeds grew together just exactly like God said over here also in the 13th chapter, of our text tonight, of Matthew, “Let them grow together.” Now, Cain went to the land of Nod, found himself a wife, and married; and Abel was slewn, and God raised up Seth to take his place. And the generations started moving on, between right and wrong. Now, we notice they gathered, each one of them, time after time, and God had to.... It got so wicked till God had to destroy.

But they finally came forth until both of those seeds, the seed of discrepancy and the seed of God, put forth their genuine heads, and that wound up in Judas Iscariot and in Jesus Christ. For, He was the seed of God, He was the beginning of the creation of God, He was nothing less than God. And Judas Iscariot was born the son of perdition, come from hell, returned to hell. Jesus Christ was the Son of God, the Word of God made manifest. Judas Iscariot, in his discrepancy, was the seed of the devil, come to the world for deceit; just like he was at the beginning, Cain, his former father.

Judas only played church. He wasn't really sincere, he didn't actually have faith (he'd have never betrayed Jesus). But, you see, he sowed that seed of discrepancy. He thought that he could make friends with the world, mammon, and also have friendship with Jesus, but it was too late for him to do anything about it. When the dead hour came, when he did this evil thing, he crossed the separating line between going forward and returning back. He had to go on in the way that he went, as a deceiver. He sowed the seed of discrepancy, he tried to find favor with those great organizations of that day, with the Pharisees and Sadducees. And thought he'd make himself a piece of money, and would be popular among the people. If that doesn't cause so many people to get in that discrepancy, trying to find favor with men! Let's find favor with God, not with men. But that's what Judas done when this discrepancies headed up in him.

And we know that Jesus was the Word, St. John 1, said, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God... And the Word was made flesh and dwelt here among us.” Then, the Word is the Seed, then the Seed become flesh and dwelt among us.

If Judas was the seed of the enemy and the discrepancy, it also become flesh and dwelt among us in the person of Judas Iscariot. He never had no real, real faith. He had what he thought was the faith. There's such a thing as having faith; and a make-believe faith. And a genuine faith of God will believe in God, and God is the Word, it'll never add nothing to it. The Bible tells us if we add one word, or take one word away, our part will be taken from the book of life, Revelation 22:18, the last closing chapter.

In the first beginning, the first book of the Bible, God told them not to break one word of that. Every word must be kept. They must live by that Word. Jesus, in the middle of the Book, come along and said that ... in His age, and said, “Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes out of the mouth of God.” And in the closing age of Revelation, foretold to us, that “Whosoever shall take one word out of the Book, or add one word to it, his part will be taken from the book of life.”

Therefore there can be nothing shadowy, just a genuine, unadulterated Word of God! That's sons of God, daughters of God, who's not born by the will of man, or by shaking a hand, or some form of baptism; but born in the Spirit of God, by the Holy Ghost, and the Word manifesting itself through them. That's genuine seed of God!

The enemy joins church and becomes very orthodox in a creed or something. But that's not.... That's discrepancy, anything that interferes with that strain of genuine truth of God's Word. And how do we know? We say, “Well, have you got a right to interpret it?” No, sir! No man has a right to interpret God's Word. He's His own interpreter. He promises it, then He does it, that's the interpretation thereof. When He promised it, then He fulfills it, that's the interpretation of it. Anything contrary to God's Word is a discrepancy! Absolutely!

Now, as I've said, Judas has no real faith. He had a make-believe faith. He had a faith that he thought that that was the Son of God, but he didn't know that was the Son of God. He wouldn't have done it. And a man who will compromise on this Word of God being the truth, he's got a make-believe faith. Genuine servant of God will hang on that Word.

Read the full account in...
The Seed of Discrepancy.

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