God of this evil age.

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Calling out a bride for Christ.

William Branham.

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God of this evil age.

Now, my text this morning is the God of This Evil Age. As we have read in the Scriptures, the god of this world, this evil age.... Now, this message points out the evils of this evil age, and it is fitting to prophecy for this evil age. And it's my belief that every... that the Bible has every answer for every age already written in the Bible for the believer of that age. I believe that everything that we have need of, is written right here; just needs to be interpreted by the Holy Spirit. I don't believe that any man on earth has a right to put his own interpretation to the Word. God doesn't need anybody to interpret His Word. He's His own interpreter. He said He would do it, and He does it.

As I've said many times, He said, “A virgin shall conceive.” He spoke that through the lips of a prophet. And she did. Nobody has to interpret that. In the beginning He said, “Let there be light!” and there was. Nobody has to interpret it. He said in the last days He'd pour out His Spirit upon all flesh, and He did. Don't need any interpreting. He said in the last days these things that we see happening now would be here. It don't need any interpreting. It's already interpreted, see.

Now, notice closely now as we study the Word, the god of this evil age that we're now living. It may seem strange, a very strange thing in this age of grace, when God is taking a people for His namesake— that is, His bride— in this evil age that should be called the age of evil. The very age that God is calling a people for His namesake— by grace —out and is called an evil age. Now, we'll prove it by the Bible that this is the age that He was speaking of.

Very strange thing to think that, that in a evil age like this that God then would be calling His bride. Did you notice, He said a people, not a church. Why? Yet it's called the church, but He would call a people. Now, a church is a gathering of many people of all different make-ups. But God is calling one here. He didn't say, “I'll call the Methodist, Baptist, Pentecostal”; He said He'd call a people; what for? His name, see. A people. One from the Methodist, one from the Baptist, one from the Lutheran, one from the Catholic, see. But He's calling not a church group, but a people for His name, that receives His name, engaged in His name, going to a wedding to be married to Him, to become part of Him by predestination. Just as a man that chooses a right wife in life was ordained to be part of his body, so— that is—the bride of Christ will be and is now from old ordained by God to be a part of that body, see. Oh, the Scriptures are so rich, full of honey.

Notice. Not what someone has said, what someone called, but what God chose before the foundation of the world, and is calling these people in the last days. Not an organization, a people for His name. And this evil age is when He's a-doing it, this very age of deception.

Last week, in Matthew 24 it was the most deceiving age of all ages. All the ages of deceit from the garden of Eden all the way down, there's never been an age so deceptive as this age. False prophets will rise and show signs and wonders, if possible, to deceive the very elected, see. Now, just a cold, formal, starchy churches and so forth of man-made theology, that wouldn't ... the elect would never pay no attention to that. But it's up there almost like the real thing. Just leaving out one word is all you have to do. Promised of the age, very great time.... Christians everywhere, take heed to the hour we're living. Mark down, and read, and listen close.

What would God call a people out of this evil age for His name? The reason it is, is to try her, His bride. It's to.... When she is made manifest, been tried, is proven, proved to Satan.... Like it was at the beginning, so shall it be at the end.

As a seed starts in the ground, it comes up through carriers, the life of it. But it ends up the same seed that it was when it went in the ground. And the same way the seed of deceit fell in the ground in Eden, is the same way it ends up in the last days. Just as the Gospel was when it fell to a denomination at Nicaea, Rome, it ends up in a super organization. Just as the seed of the church fell back there with the signs, wonders, and the living Christ among them, it ends up in the last days under the ministry of Malachi 4 and restores back again the original faith that was once given.

We find now this evil age is to prove to Satan she is not like Eve, that she is not that type of a woman. And she will be tried by His Word, the bride, as Adam's bride was tried by the Word. And Adam's bride believed every bit of the Word, all but confused on one promise (that He's the same yesterday, today, and forever today. see.)— but failed on one promise, under the temptation of the enemy, face to face. And now, the people that's called for His name, of course, is His bride. She is to come in contact again by the same thing, not by just denominational truth or something, but every word.

For in the beginning of the Bible man was given the Word of God to live by. One word misinterpreted by a man called Satan in a person of an animal called the serpent.... Satan in this person could talk to Eve, and misinterpreted the Word to her, and was lost, see. It must be every word.

In the middle of the Bible Jesus come and said, “Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word,” when He was tempted by Satan. Now, God telling us here in the last days that the god of this world will rise up in the last days, and whosoever shall add one word to it or take one word from it, his part will be taken from the book of life. God be merciful to us. And let us not walk as stiff shirts, chests stuck out, head up, know it all, for we too one time were in disobedience. Let us with grace, and mercy, and feeling in our heart towards God, humbly come to the throne of grace.

Strange. Now, after some nineteen hundred years of Gospel preaching, and now she, that is the world system, is more evil than in the days when He was here. The world system is more evil. The world is heading to a great climax. You know that. The Lord is fulfilling His Word on every hand.

Revelation 18:4-5,
And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that you be not partakers of her sins, that you receive not of her plagues. For her sin has reached into heaven, and God remembers her iniquities.

What a warning! That throws the church exactly back to Revelation 3:14, to the Laodicean age, lawlessness, real religious, but lawlessness. “Thou, because thou sayest that we are rich, have need of nothing, knowest thou not that thou art naked, miserable, blind, and knows it not!” Perfectly with the Scripture of this age, not for the Scripture of the age of Daniel, not for the ones in the name of—the age of Noah, but in this last evil age.

Notice here. Thou art naked! Let that soak real deep. I know I may have much disagreement on this thought, but it's got to a place that a Christian can hardly walk out of his house and not be brought in the presence of this evil age by unsufficient dressed women.

Women, I'm going to say this, and I want you to listen. And men and women, you might disagree with this, but I feel led to say it. Did you know, any woman that undresses herself like that is not in her right mind? Do you know, she is, whether she believes it or not or thinks it or not, she is a prostitute? Though the woman might stand with her hand before God and swear that she's never been touched by any other man but her husband, and that might be the honest truth, but still she is a prostitute. Jesus said, “Whosoever looketh upon a woman to lust after her has committed adultery with her already.” And the woman may be....

See, she's naked, the Bible said, and don't know it. The Spirit that's anointing her to do such things is a evil, prostitute spirit. Her outward being, her physical body, her flesh, she might be clean. She might not commit any adultery and could swear to God—and be the truth—that she never.... But her spirit is a prostitute spirit. She has been so blinded by the god of this world of fashion; she dressed herself sexy and got out there.

The outside man is a physical being which is controlled by six senses ... or five senses, rather. The inside man is a spirit man which is controlled by five senses: Conscience, and love, and so forth. The outside man: see, taste, feel, smell, hear. But the inside of that spirit is a soul, and it's controlled by one thing: your free will. You can accept what the devil says or accept what God says. And that'll determine what spirit's in there. If it's a Spirit of God, it'll feed on the things of God, and it won't feed on anything of the world. Jesus said, “If you love the world or the things of the world, it's because the love of God's not even entered this inner part.” Satan's deceived you. “And man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God.”

Notice. Now, we find that she is naked, lewd, and nude. And the world seems to be in the most evil age that ever.... Never in any age did women ever act like that, never, but just before the destruction of the antediluvian world. And Jesus referred to it. We'll get to that after while.

Has God lost control, or is He just permitting another agency to control? I wonder. The true answer to this question is: To my opinion, there is two opposing spirits in the world today at work. Now, there can't be more than two, two heads. And one of them is the Holy Spirit at work; the other one is a spirit of the devil, and in this last days, in deception. Now, I'm going to base my thoughts right on here for the rest of the text... the rest of our message.

The two spirits: one of them, God's Holy Spirit; the other one, the devil's spirit working in deception. The people of the earth are now making their choice. The Holy Spirit is here calling out a bride for Christ. He's doing it by vindicating His Word of promise to her for this age, showing that it is Christ. If the finger's supposed to move in this age, the finger will move. If the foot's supposed to move in this age, the foot will move. If the eye is to see in this age, the eye will see, see. The Spirit of God, as it's growed into the full stature of God, is.... The age that we're now living in, the Holy Spirit is here vindicating the message of the hour. And the Holy Spirit is doing this so that the people that believe God will be called out of this chaos. The devil's unholy spirit is here calling his church by the error, as usual, by perversion of the Word of God like he did at the beginning. See it coming right back to that seed time again? From Eden, here it is again.

Read the full account in... God of this evil age.

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