The Third Exodus.

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The spiritual exodus.

William Branham.

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The Third Exodus.

Now, they've had many exoduses of course, but I'm speaking on the time that God called an exodus, a separation from where they were at the present time. Here God is making ready to fulfill his divine promised word that He had give to Abraham, and to Isaac, and to Jacob. Years, hundreds of years had passed, but yet, God never forgets his promise. In the season, the due time, God always makes his promise right. Therefore, you can rest assure that what God has promised in this Bible, He's going to do it. Just no need of trying to think anything else and say, “Well, the prophet was— maybe was wrong, or that couldn't happen in this day.” Looked almost impossible then, more impossible than it does now, but God did it anyhow, because He promised He would do it, and look how simple He does it. “I have come down; I heard the cry; I remember my promise, and I've come down to do it, and I'm sending you. You do it, I'm going to be with you; certainly I'll be with you. My never failing presence will be with you wherever you go. Don't be afraid. I'm coming down to deliver.” I'm sure the spiritual mind catches that. “I'm going to send you to bring my people to an exodus, call them out, and I'll be with you.”

Now, how we can rest, how faith can catch that hope there. God's going to do it; He promised it. No matter how, what the circumstances is, or what anyone else says, God's going to do it anyhow, because, He promised to do it. And He does it so simple that it goes over the understanding of the cultured mind, who would try to reason about it. “How could it be?” I don't mean to say that a man now, with a good strong mind, fine education, that that man won't understand it. That's all right, wonderful as long as he uses that, not to reason, but that culture that he's got to believe God. Let it be converted into the simplicity of listening to what God has said and believe it. His culture will help him then. Notice, but when a man tries to reason it couldn't be done, then that drives him away from God, constantly all the time. When he's trying to listen to what ... his own understanding, see. If you don't understand and the Bible says a certain thing, just punctuate it, “Amen;” just let it go like that.

Before we can find out what this exodus means, I'm going to type the exodus then with the exodus now. And watch, if it isn't running exactly parallel. One of them is natural and the very same things that He did in the natural, He's typing it again, (anti-typing it) in spiritual. The spiritual exodus.

Marvelous to see the Word of God— how anyone could say it's not inspired. This was about twenty-eight hundred years ago, you know. And how that He promised and what He's done, and laid it out there for example. How He makes the shadow of something to testify of the positive. (I'll get on that tonight between the moon and sun, the Lord willing.) But first, we must review Genesis to see why they were down in Egypt? Why would God's people be out of that land? And after all God promised that right there where the beginning was with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, in Palestine, God gave them that land, and said, “This is it.” Well, then why would the people not be in the place that God provided them? That's a question of today, also. God gave us a Pentecost. He gave us a book of Acts. He gave us the Holy Spirit to lead us and guide us. He gave us a land, and why are we out of it? Why is the church out of it? Why isn't the great Christian church today living again like the book of Acts, bringing forth the same thing? There's some reason for it.

We all know that we're broke up, and we're in a terrible condition; and the most terrible condition that Christianity has ever lived in is today. And we are on the— right on the brim or the brink of a great, terrific judgment laying for the church, and before this judgment can happen, God's calling an exodus just like He did then. The Amorites' sins was heaped up. So He's calling a spiritual exodus. Now, let's go back just a moment in type and find out. They went down in Egypt all because of the jealousy of a brother. That's the reason that Israel was in Egypt at that time, out of the land. Remember, God's promises were only as long as they stayed in that land.

Now, can you see what we were speaking in prayer a few moments ago? Why did God have to harden Pharaoh's heart? To put the people back in the promised land before He could bless them, to bring forth the Messiah to them. How did He have to harden Hitler's heart to be against the Jew, when he was half Jew himself? How could He have to do that in Stalin, Mussolini? See, people that's not inspired, like a nation, they.... God has to take the things that they are living by, the laws of the land many times, to make his promises come true. So, He had to harden those dictators' hearts to run the Jew back to the promised land. It had to be that way.

Now, we find out that going down, Joseph.... We know the story as we go back into Genesis, and you can just read it because, I'm just a little late to get started on this long Sunday school lesson. I'll try to hurry. Notice, now, read the story when you can of Joseph, being born the later of his brethren, next to the last. The spiritual mind will catch that right now. He wasn't the last child, Benjamin was; but in the excommunication, watch. Joseph and Benjamin were full blooded brothers, and the only two that was brothers. Never did Benjamin get the recognition until he met Joseph. And above the rest of them, Benjamin's given a double portion of everything that Joseph gave. All right, notice now, we find that down there, they were...

He was taken from his brothers because that he was spiritual. He was a great man, although the humblest of the bunch, the least of the bunch, and they hated him without a cause. They should not have hated him. They should have respected him, because... why did they hate him? Because he was a brother? Not exactly that. They hated him because that God dealt with him more than He did the rest of them. He gave him a spiritual understanding. He could interpret dreams perfectly, and he could foretell things that would come to pass perfectly, just exactly the way they were— and he didn't pull no punches. He saw the dream of those sheaves bowing before his sheaf, and his brothers then got angry with him. Said, “I guess then... You little holy roller.” In other words, “We'll have to bow down before you some day.” But that's the way it happened. How would those great big giants ever bow before that little insignificant fellow standing there, but they did it. They sure did, and pleaded for mercy. But he hadn't come in power yet, you see. He was only then just in the child form.

And then we find out by doing this, that Joseph was taken from among his brethren, the denominations and set out to himself— his brothers all in the land. Then there come such a great thing. We realize that Israel, as long as they dwelt in their dwelling place and kept up... now that's one good thing to stay in the place positionally, that's right, but they got rid of the Spirit. The fundamentals today, positionally knows what they are by intellectual conception of the Bible, but there's no Spirit. They've rejected Joseph, turned him out. They wanted nothing to do with it, it's a bunch of holy rollers; it's a.... We want nothing to do with it. They've excommunicated him, sold him out to the world. They were out of their fellowship.

Now, by doing that, they were taking out of place, taken down into Egypt later on. Now, the story of these jealous brothers is certainly a great comparison with the spiritual side of it today. We all are aware of that, that it's pure jealousy, not pure, it's old dirty, filthy jealousy, see. There's no purity in jealousy, see it's nothing but filthy jealousy. When they see the same Bible and the nature of the same God that wrote the Bible, vindicating Himself and then turn that down without a reason, pure... well, pure as I said, it's dirty jealousy. Watching God heal the sick, raise up the dead. The same God that lived in the days of the apostles. The same gospel that they wrote for this spiritual journey. It's the same God that does the same things, so there's nothing but jealousy; has excommunicated, and, “we'll not have it among our people,” see, run them off.

They thought— the brethren, that they'd never have use for a man like that, so why not just get rid of him. That's what... same thing has happened today. They think that because that our churches has become intellectual, that we got the best dressed crowds, the biggest organization, the most... smartest ministers, that we have no use of the Holy Spirit in the way that it was back there. That they're full, in other words, actions speaks louder than words, that their seminaries and their— the brain of their being and their coming together and discussing this thing, are more able with their own intellectual minds to set a church in order better than what the Holy Spirit could do it; so they don't need it any longer. It's something that we don't need today. It's... the days of that is passed. Now, isn't that just right? We don't need the Holy Spirit to heal the sick, we got doctors. We don't need the Holy Spirit to speak with tongues, we're all intelligent people. And when you do, you take right from your framework, the lifeline. Jesus said to them Jews in his day, “Haven't you read that the stone that was rejected is the chief corner stone, that all the building is setting upon?”

Now, you see what I mean? Now, I'm sure you can catch that. That the reason of it now, is because they thought that they'd never have a need of it. “We don't need speakers with tongues. We don't need interpreters of tongues. We no longer need the Old Testament prophets to set us in order by the Holy Spirit. We understand it.” See, they have adopted a man-made system to take place of the Holy Spirit. Therefore, there's people that's elected, has their names on the Lamb's book of life; they can't go for that. They are spiritual minded— therefore, they cannot go for that. They can't stand it. No matter if their fathers and mothers has lived in whatever organization or church....

When a church makes or does... maybe it wouldn't speak that right.... Oh, no, they won't speak it right out, but their actions prove it. Here's the Word, and the Holy Spirit proves it amongst those when He can get them gathered together, that He still heals the sick, and raises the dead, and speaks with tongues, and casts out devils. So, it depends on what's on the inside of a person.

The church feels that it don't need the Holy Spirit. The churches will tell you that. And the man can stand up and give you such an intellectual talk can almost make you believe it. Now, let's stop there a minute. Didn't Jesus say that the two would be so close together it would deceive the very elected if it was possible? The intellectual talks will be so smooth that it would, it would deceive the people. It's gospel, it's men who can handle that Word in such a way that it could almost make any intellectual person, if you're just trusting in their intellectuals, they'd condemn the Holy Spirit and take the way of the man. We see that.

Now, that's the same thing they thought about Joseph, and they got rid of him. And all down in Egypt... oh, how we can think... how I could spend hours.... You could stay here for three years and never leave that subject, day and night, and still be finding the great kernels of the Holy Spirit.

The spiritual mind can look down in Egypt and see that persecution rise, can see Joseph taken away in order that the persecution could rise. And then see God with his wheel in the wheel— everything moving around just perfectly. See Potiphar reject Joseph. See that lie told and see Joseph in the prison and his beard's grown out, excommunicated from his brethren, but then all of a sudden, God moved in!

How we can see that wheel in the wheel moving— God's great plan moving everything up to this exodus, to this time when He would call his people back in the land again, back into place, in position, where He could bless them and place among them the one that He promised He would place among them. They had to be in their land. Remember, they had to come out of the land that they were in and get into the land of promise, before their promised Messiah could ever come.

And the church has to do the same thing. Get out of that group of rejecters over into the promise, before Messiah can ever be manifested before them. You see it? The life of the Messiah manifested making a church ready, a bride. A woman marry a man and disagreeing with him, it would be some kind of a fuss continually. But when a man and his wife, his girlfriend, his espoused, when they're in perfect harmony, like one soul and one mind, because they're going to be one flesh. Then when the church can get in such harmony with God until the manifestation of the Bridegroom is manifested in the bride, because they're going to be one. Oh, what a great lesson. All right, now remember, the spiritual mind picking this up can see the type and the anti-type and pick it for one. We could go hours on it.

Read the full account in... The Third Exodus.

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