The Unveiling Of God.

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  Living Word series.

God veiled in Moses.

William Branham.

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The Unveiling Of God.

2 Corinthians 3:13-16,
13 And not as Moses, which put a veil over his face, that the children of Israel could not steadfastly look to the end of that which was abolished:
14 But their minds were blinded: for until this day remaineth the same veil untaken away in the reading of the old testament; which veil is done away in Christ.
15 But even unto this day, when Moses is read, the veil is upon their heart.
16 Nevertheless when it shall be turned to the Lord, the veil shall be taken away.

Moses had the Word. Now remember, after the Word was made manifest, Moses was Moses again. See? But while that Word was in him to be give out, he was God! For he wasn't Moses no more, he had the Word of the Lord for that age. Nothing could touch him till that was over, had that Word with him. So therefore when he come, the people turned their heads, they couldn't understand. He had been changed, he was a different fellow. He come with that Word. “And he put a veil,” the Bible said, “over his face,” for he had the Word. And he was the Word to them.

Now look, if Moses.... O brother, here's going to be an insult. But if Moses.... As Paul said here, in II Corinthians, the 3rd chapter. If Moses had to veil his face with that type of glory upon him ... see, because that was natural glory, that was a natural law. And if Moses ... knowing that that law had to perish. But the glory was so great that it blinded the people, so they had to put a veil over his face. How much more will it be? (Spiritual blinded people!) That glory was to fade away, but this glory won't fade away, see. Moses had the carnal laws, the condemnation, no grace, no nothing, it just condemned you. But this we're speaking about.... That had no pardon, that just told you what you was. This gives you a way out. And when that Word is unveiled, oh, my, what kind of face will it be? It'll have to be veiled. It's got to be veiled. Now, notice, so the Spirit is veiled in a human temple, see, he just speaks the natural words with a natural veil.

Now, Paul speaking here now, and in this sense, the Spirit-Word, “We are ministers, not of the letter the law, but able ministers of the Spirit,” that the Spirit takes the letter and manifests it. That was just law, you had to go look at it, say, “Thou shalt not commit adultery. Thou shalt not steal. Thou shalt not lie. Thou shalt not do this, that, or the other.” See? You had to look at that. But this is Spirit that comes upon the promised Word for this age, and brings forth and manifests, not two tables of stone but the presence of the living God. Not a mythical thought somebody made up or some Houdini trick, but the very promise of God revealed and made manifest right before us. What sort of a veil will that be behind? And to lose that....

That was so great till even the people said, they said when they seen Jehovah come down in this Pillar of Fire and begin to shake the earth, and the things He done, and the mountain on fire. And even if anybody tried to go to that mountain, perished. It was so great till even Moses feared the quake. Then if that time He shook just the mountain, this time He'll shake heavens and earth. What about this glory? If that was veiled by a natural veil, this is veiled by a spiritual veil. So don't try to look at the natural, break into the Spirit and see where you're at, see what hour we're living in.

Does it make sense to you? See, it's a spiritual veil that's over the people, say, “I'm Methodist, and I'm as good as anybody. I'm Baptist, I'm Pentecostal.” Don't you realize that that thing is a traditional veil? It's hiding God from you. That's the things that keeps you from enjoying all.... Oh, you say, “I shout and jump up-and-down.” He said, “Every word!” Eve believed every word but one. See? It's the full Word of God, the promise of this hour made manifest, see. Notice, now as we go on. Got plenty here to speak of, but I got about twenty pages of notes, but I just won't speak on them all. See, I'll hurry.

He is veiled with a natural veil before he could speak the Word to the people. Now, God has to veil Himself, as He promised, in human flesh. God.... Do you get it? God has to veil Himself in human flesh and put a spiritual veil over them (say, “Well, I'm this and I'm that”), in order to speak to the people. When that veil, which is a traditional veil, is tore apart, then the ... that what they say, “Why, the days of miracles is past.”

Now the natural veil. God, the Word, veiled in human flesh. What was it? God was veiled in Moses. God was in Moses, veiled, and the presence of God was in him. He was so perfect with that Word in him like that, till he had to veil his face. And it was a vindicated prophet that unfolded the Word and told them, “Thou shalt not! Thou shalt! And thou shalt not,” see.

To give his Word to that generation, He veiled Himself in a human being, or the Word would have blinded even the called-out. See? Even the people that was out there, they could not stand to see that. In Exodus we find that, they said, “Let Moses speak, not God.” See why the Pillar of Fire don't appear too much? See? God said, “I'll do that, I'll raise them up a prophet.” Amen! “I'll raise them up one.” and He came just exactly. And He'll be the Word.“ He said, “If they want to see what the Word is,” said, “now, Moses, I appeared to you yonder in that burning bush,” said, “I'm going to come down and set that mountain afire.” Said, “They'll see that you've told the truth. I'll appear here in the same burning way. I'll appear here and prove to the people, I'll vindicate your ministry.” That's what He told Moses here, in so many words.

Notice, He said, “Now I'm going to glorify you before the people.” Said, “Now, you told them that I met you out there in a burning bush, now I'm going to come down, same fire, and I'm going to let the people see that you never lied about it.” And scientifically prove it even, if you want to, see. “I'm going to come right down and let them know.” And when He begin to thunder, when Jehovah started thundering, the people said, “No! No! No! Don't let Jehovah speak, we'll die.” See, He had to be veiled. So God veiled Himself in Moses and give Moses the Word. And Moses come down and spoke the Word of the Lord in a veil over his face. That right? Jehovah veiled in a form of a prophet, 'cause it would have absolutely.... And God said He wouldn't speak to them anymore like that. He would only speak to them by a prophet. That's the only way He would ever speak from then on. That's the only way he's ever spoke. That's right. never any other way. He don't lie.

Notice, only Moses had the Word. Now, there wasn't a group came down, there wasn't just the Pharisees, or the Sadducees, or it wasn't a certain sect or a clan. It was Moses! He got one man. He can't get two or three different minds. He takes one man. Moses had the Word, and Moses alone. Joshua even didn't have it. No one else had it. Amen! Joshua was a general, Joshua was a commander in the army. Joshua was a believer, a Christian. But Moses was a prophet! The Word can't come to Joshua, it's got to come to Moses. He was the major prophet of the hour. Notice, the Word never did come to Joshua till Moses was gone. No, sir. God deals with one at a time. God is one, see. Now, only Moses had the Word, not a group.

Look, God warned any person not to try to follow Moses into that veil, impersonators. Woman, man, priest, whoever it was, how godly, how much honor, how much they was, He warned, “Let Moses come alone! And if any man, even an animal, touches it, must be killed right there.” Never break before that veil, that veil belongs to one person. That message is one, see. In the temple, one man went in once a year, anointed and fixed to go in; not to bring out the Word, but to offer blood. To even walk in there before it, only one. Any other man died, see.

They spiritually die now. This is a spiritual veil, see. That was a natural veil. This is spiritual veil, see. They keep walking right on in behind there, you can tell them. “Oh, I know! I Know that, but I....” Go ahead, it's all right, it only speaks.... You remember, the last plague in Egypt was death, before the exodus. The last plague on earth is spiritual death before the exodus. Then they'll be cremated and turned back to the dust, and the righteous will walk out upon their ashes. But the last thing is spiritual death, rejecting the Word.

Now notice, God warned any persons not to try to follow Moses into the veil of fire. Moses was to be veiled, he had to come out of there. And Moses went in as Moses, went into this Pillar of Fire; and when he walked back out he was veiled, for he went into there, out of his traditions, the traditions of the elders. He saw the Pillar of Fire, but now he goes into the Pillar of Fire. Amen! And he come forth, veiled. God's Word in a man, veiled! Here he come walking out, oh, my, I can see it. Warned nobody else to try it, nobody can impersonate that. You better not, see. Even a priest or a holy man, whoever it was, cardinal, bishop, anything else, trying to go in that veil, died. God warned them. We'll have no impersonations.

His Word is revealed to one. It's always been, a prophet came with the Word of the Lord each age, every time, down through the Scripture. The Word comes to one. In every age, the same, even in the church ages from the very first to the last. Others have their places, that's right, notice, but stay away from that Pillar of Fire, see. What a lesson we learn here! See, everybody wanting to be a Moses, and everybody....

You remember what Dathan and them said out there? They said, “Now, Moses, wait here just a minute, you take too much upon yourself.” See? “Now, there's other men here that God has called.” That was true. They ... each one were following fine as long as they went along, but when one tried to step up and take God's position that He give Moses, which was predestinated and ordained to that job, tried to take it, fire come down and opened up the earth and swallowed them right into it, see. Be careful! See? Just be a good, godly Christian, believing the Word, see. Stay away from that Pillar! What a lesson!

God had first appeared to Moses in a burning bush, God was veiled in the Pillar of Fire. Now, listen real close now for a minute. God first come to Moses, He was veiled. God was in a Pillar of Fire, hid back in a bush, see, like behind the skin, see, back by the mercy seat at the altar, see. He was veiled. He's always veiled. And when He come to Moses, He was in a Pillar of Fire, veiled in the Pillar of Fire. But here before the people, God vindicated him by the same Pillar of Fire, see. Moses said....

Now watch! Are you reading.... Are you letting your minds drift way out? can you, can.... “He that's got ears, let him hear.” See? When God appeared to Moses, it was in a Pillar of Fire, when He called him to His ministry. And Moses come and told the people about it. They couldn't believe it. Yet he done the miracles and things, but this time He visibly, scientifically appeared and vindicated Moses' ministry to be the same God that spoke to him, because He appeared in the form of the Pillar of Fire and set the mountain on fire. And He come to Moses in a bush, spoke to him. All right.

God's first appearing to Moses in a burning bush veil. Before the people, God veiled again and vindicated Moses by the veil, by veiling Himself with the same Fire, same Pillar of Fire came down.... From thence so they could only hear God's Word. You get it? Just the Word, they heard his voice. For Moses was, to them, the living Word. Moses! See, God had so proven that Word by Moses! See, Moses said ... God said to Moses, “Go down there, and I'll be with you, there's nothing going to stand before you. I AM THAT I AM.”

Moses come down and said, “You might not believe this, maybe, but God appeared to me in a Pillar of Fire and He told me these things.” “Oh, we have all kinds of things like going on.” Pharaoh said, “Why!” Pastor Pharaoh said, “Well, you got a cheap magician trick. Why, I got magicians here that can turn a serpent into ... a stick into a serpent. Come here, magicians.” And they come over there and done the same thing.

Read the full account in...
The Unveiling Of God.


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