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Trial Today.
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Todays Trial.
God stands accused of a "Breach of Promise"
Chief Prosecutor: Satan.
Visiting Judge: You.
"The Trial".


There's only two things; that's you are either a believer or an unbeliever. If you are a believer, you do not those things. If you do do them, I don't know what kind of a profession you have; but if you do that the love of God isn't in you. The Bible said so. We've got too much profession without a possession of it, too many saying and not living it.I think, even we have too much practice on sermons and not living enough sermons. It'd be a lot better if we lived our sermon; each one of us would be a minister. It's better to live me a sermon than preach me one. The Bible said that "You are written epistles of God, read of all men." So it's best to live the sermon.

William Branham - Oncoming storm 1960

Sermons in BNL Archives

His eye is on the SparrowJeff Jenkins
Hannah - A living Emblem 1Harold Beckett
Hannah - A living Emblem 2Harold Beckett
Seasons of RedemptionEd Byskal
The order of the RaptureRon Millevo
Full Redemption Pt1Tim Pruitt
Full Redemption Pt2Tim Pruitt
Full Redemption Pt3Tim Pruitt
Full Redemption Pt4Tim Pruitt
Full Redemption Pt5Tim Pruitt
Full Redemption Pt6Tim Pruitt
The Rent VeilDean Gilchrist
Three CallingsRichard Oliver
Lo there was a great Earthquake Pt1Vinworth Dayal
Lo there was a great Earthquake Pt2Vinworth Dayal
Lo there was a great Earthquake Pt3Vinworth Dayal
Lo there was a great Earthquake Pt4Vinworth Dayal
Lo there was a great Earthquake Pt5Vinworth Dayal
Lo there was a great Earthquake Pt6Vinworth Dayal
Lo there was a great Earthquake Pt7Vinworth Dayal
Lo there was a great Earthquake Pt8Vinworth Dayal
Lo there was a great Earthquake Pt9Vinworth Dayal
FacebookDean Gilchrist
Have faith, feed faith 1Jeff Jenkins
Have faith, feed faith 2Jeff Jenkins
The Voice of the Arch AngelEd Byskal
The Roots of False DoctrineAdrian Gray
A love for the Truth Pt1Tim Pruitt
A love for the Truth Pt2Tim Pruitt
Nature of sin..Gods desire to restore 1Jeff Jenkins
Nature of sin..Gods desire to restore 2Jeff Jenkins
God Rich in MercyGraeme Harnett
Two kinds of servicesTimothy Xu
Knowledge Vs LifeDerrick Donaldson
The life of CalebJeff Jenkins
He that is in youDean Gilchrist
The Spirit of Prophecy 1Barrie Boyes
The Spirit of Prophecy 2Barrie Boyes
ImportunityGraeme Harnett
A PrayerMalcolm Wano
The voice of the BloodDean Gilchrist
Power and Freedom of ForgivenessHarold Beckett
The Body ChangeDean Gilchrist
Fellowship on the MysteryRon Millevo
Knowing the will of GodBruce McCorkindale
Finding the BalanceMalcolm Ferris
Brief history of Santa ClausDean Gilchrist
To Him that Overcometh 1Freddy Esau
To Him that Overcometh 2Freddy Esau
To Him that Overcometh 3Freddy Esau
To Him that Overcometh 4Freddy Esau
To Him that Overcometh 5Freddy Esau

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For unto which of the angels said he at any time, Thou art my Son, this day have I begotten thee? And again, I will be to him a Father, and he shall be to me a Son ?

Hebrews 1:5

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Howard Searle

Mita Edwardson

Albert Ruegg

Matthan Gray

Jim Carman

Timothy Xu

Ben Gloyne

Freddy Esau

Greg Alford

Renato Zanoli

Jeff Jenkins

Owen Jorgensen

Harrold Beckett

Bruce McCorkindale
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