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Mission Pakistan.

Brethren. God bless you.

Here is just an update on the work that is progressing in Pakistan. I want to thank first the brethren in NZ who are financing the printing of message books seen in these photos. It would be inappropriate at this time to disclose the donors but the Lord knows and may the He bless them mightily.

Over the years Pakistan has been very poorly supplied with message materials given the length of time that the message has been in that nation. The main problem has been the questionable way that some foreign “middle-men” have been utilizing funds for printing books and not being open to an audit to show where all the funds have ended up.

Because of this, a printing company was found in Rawalpindi that could print message books at a fraction of what could be done in the USA and some decidedly more dedicated people have been found that are motivated to get the work done efficiently and transparently with receipts and photos supplied as evidence of where finances have gone.

The Seven Church Age book has been printed and 1000 books sent out to the many churches in Pakistan. Also a run of different messages are being translated by people in Pakistan as the foreign translators have proven to be theatrical in their estimations of their worth and unreliable in reality.

A normal message book costs about 19 US cents and the 7 Church Ages cost about $US1 to print. The books are of a high quality and are being sent out in block supplies. The Seven Seals have already been proof read for translation errors and is in the process of being printed.

Also in Pakistan the supply of micro-SD cards is much cheaper than in western nations. To give you an example, a 16G card can cost up to $20 in NZ/Aust. The same card in Pakistan is about $5. So we now source the cards from Pakistan outlets and get the message copied onto them for free.

As technology advances and spreads internationally, there is thankfully no need to become inundated with logistical problems that have hindered getting materials out. Also the risk factor in becoming a vassal of another “supplier entity” is greatly reduced and the brethren can be responsible for their own nation in a more complete way.

Ultimately the best scenario is to have all the books financed from within their own nation and not from donations. As the brethren come to understand the Lords pattern of tithes and offerings being His way to get the blessings, the necessity for foreign donations will decrease. However that is a work in progress.

Should anybody wish to assist with financing the various needs in Pakistan at this time, feel free to contact those that are involved in the work there. Or contact us through the BNL.

  The Scripture Saith...

And Jesus came and spake unto them, saying, All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth.

Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost:

Matthew 28:18-19

100 BNL Issues.

God bless you Saints.
Well as you can see we have arrived at the big century of the BNL. It’s hard to comprehend that we have been going all these years since Bro. Charles Wilson felt led to start this publication for the benefit of missionary work 10 years ago. It started off in such a small way with his late wife Sister Joan also working behind the scenes and has become a worldwide internet newsletter that has assisted and promoted the Lord’s work in many nations around the globe.

Many people thought the BNL would never last a fraction of the time it has now accomplished as similar attempts at newsletters were made that failed to get off the ground. But with the persistence of Bro. Charles and a committee that had a determination never to buckle to pressures or prejudices of the “powers that be”, the BNL has given missionary brethren an opportunity to share their experiences and get financial and material supplies into areas of the world where the Elected live.

There have been many names associated with the preparation work of the BNL over the years and some have now gone on to be with the Lord. I would like on behalf of the present BNL committee to salute them all and thank them for their sacrifice. To the contributors of articles, we thank you for your efforts in giving us write-ups and photos. Don’t stop now!!! Many contacts have been made to bring people to the last message to the gentiles before the end comes. We are living in perilous times but wonderful times. Apostle Paul wanted to live in this time, but the Lord predestined a people for this day who could catch the vision of the message of the prophet of Malachi 4 v 5 and “know what the Lord wants done with the word”. You are fulfilling scriptures.

My last thought is for you is to remember that the worlds news media gives the masses selective and mostly fake information. The “mainstream media” is not your absolute. Always come back to what Bro. Branham said by filtering all opinions through the word of God. Laodicea has become an age of hysteria and insanity. Everybody and their dog has an opinion because they have rejected the day of their visitation. As the prophet said, “press the battle”.


164 All fear of death... I say this with my Bible before me this morning. I've got a little boy there four years old, to be raised. I've got a nine year old girl and a teenager that I'm thankful for, that's turned the way of the Lord. God, let me live to bring them up in the admonition of God. Above that, the whole world seems to scream to me. Ninety year old women and men and all kinds, "If you hadn't have went, we wouldn't been here." And, God, let me press the battle. But if it comes to dying, I am no more... It would be a joy; it would be a pleasure to enter from this corruption and disgrace.

If I could make up yonder, one hundred billion miles high, a square block, and that's perfect love. Each step this way, it narrows until we get down to where we are now. It would be just merely a shadow of corruption. That little something that we can sense and feel that there's something somewhere, we don't know what it is.

Oh, my precious friend, my beloved, my darlings of the Gospel, my begotten children unto God, listen to me, your pastor. You... I wish there was some way I could explain it to you. There's no words. I couldn't find it. It's not found anywhere. But just beyond this last breath is the most glorious thing that you ever... There is no way to explain it. There's no way; I just can't do it. But whatever you do, friends, lay aside everything else till you get perfect love. Get to a spot that you can love everybody, every enemy, everything else.

That one visit there to me has made me a different man. I can never, never, never be the same Brother Branham that I was.

God bless you all for the year.
Bro. Adrian Gray (New Zealand).


John, the prophet, appearing on earth after four hundred years without a prophet... The sign after four hundred years of him appearing, that little lapsed time... Now, if you're spiritual you'll catch what I'm saying. May God open up your understanding. How long has it been? Four hundred years that Israel without a prophet. The churches had got so twisted up, and then here come John on the scene. John was a prophet, a sign that the Messiah was going to speak after him. Watch, because Malachi 3 said, "I'll send my messenger before My face to prepare the way, prepare the people."

Look at John. No selfishness in him. He never took any glory. They tried to call him the Messiah, but he said, "I'm not worthy to loose His shoes." But as soon as Jesus appeared, He had a sign: a Pillar of Fire, a light above Him, like a dove come down, a voice saying, "This is My beloved Son, Whom I am well pleased." Notice. And John immediately said, "He must increase; I must decrease." He presented the church to Christ. Amen. We're told that in the last days that will repeat again. There's going to be a message come forth that'll introduce the Messiah to the people. It'll be in such a way they'll stand dumbfounded like they did then. He promised it. The next chapter of Matthew--Malachi tells us about it. Watch. They asked about it. John's nature identified him in the spirit of Elijah. Now, notice the two prophets.

William Branham - The Voice of the Sign (1964)

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