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Welcome to the website of The Believer's Newsletter,NZ.
This page has links to outstanding Testimonies that we have been sent or found in the Archives. We all have a testimony. We have all come from somewhere, and we are going somewhere, and God does things for us on our journey.
"Let the redeemed of the Lord, say so".

Christian Blessings
Charles Wilson - Editor.
and The Committee,BNL Ministries.

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You must never look at things in the natural. Look at the spirit of anything. You want to look at a city, look at the spirit of it. You look at a family; look at the spirits in the family. Look at a man, look at the spirit's in him. See, anything you look at, everything's got to have a motive and objective. See?

William Branham - Sir we would see Jesus (63-1112)


Pillar of Fire seen beside dying Sister
- David Shearer, Cambridge.NZ

  My Tribute and Account of events leading up to Sister Joy Shearer's death.

Book - Testimony of Gary Walker

"Three times Dead But Still Alive" is written by Brother Gary's wife, Sister Deborah Walker. [Copies are available $20 each plus postage.] Contact Sister Deborah Walker at: garydebwalker@hotmail.com

 See   BNL August 2008 (Page 8) for brief testimony.

William Branham, Indiana,USA

"When they prayed the place was shaken..."
See   62-0726 It is I be not afraid.
Also known as "A testimony on the sea". Brother Branham testifying and preaching to the Indians in Port Alberni, BC.Canada.

Testimonies, Letters, Coments.

Unhurt..from crashed CessnaWiebe Dykstra, Northland.NZ
Delivered from depression...Barbara Leov, Nelson.NZ
My Testimony...Neil Murray,Chch.NZ
Why I don't wear makeup...Christine Ruegg, Tauranga.NZ
Mind Blowing BlessingsDesiree Hlatshwayo.SA
Grandpa sent to visit Juliana...Brother Guido, Belgium
Impossible -not in God's...Jonathon Goff, Texas.USA
Raised in a Christian home ...Marcus Provis, Chch.NZ
Addicted to Drugs,drink,...Li Xue, Sichuan.China
Delivered from hay fever...Leane Dredge, Blenheim.NZ
...tumor shrunk by 87%...Leane Dredge, Blenheim.NZ
Testimony of Grace...Deborah Hildebrant
...the Holy Spirit came down...Albert Ruegg, Tauranga.NZ
Testimony...Graeme Harnett, Chch,NZ
Opening into prison...Albert Ruegg, Tauranga.NZ
...needed life changing exp...David Mareels
Testimony -Maurice SmithShirley Cowley, Gisborne.NZ
Ruegg Sisters recieve...Albert Ruegg, Tauranga.NZ
Looking back...Amazing GraceBarry Robertson, Chch.NZ
Testimony -Owen JorgensenOwen Jorgensen
Israel trip and Photos.Howard Searle, Gisborne.NZ
Soloman Islands TripJim Carman, Sydney Australia
Vanuatu VisitRenato Zanoli
Miracle in ChinaSebastian Goh.
Miracles can happen...Deborah Hildebrant.
Jesus was present to heal...Jim Carman, Sydey Australia
Whole church baptised...Kakusi George,Uganda.
God sent an Angel...Sally Powell, Cloverdale.
Don't forget to prayGraeme Harnett, Chch,NZ
My healing experiences...Sarah Friesen,Alberta.
Drug,Alcohol mucked-up lifeAnna Van Duin, Tauranga,NZ
Lay hands on the sick...Dean Gilchrist, Wanganui,NZ
Greatest invitation ever...Tom Rae, Cloverdale.
Bar owner recieves JesusPaul Musulube, Uganda
God's word will never fail.Joan Wilson, Tauranga,NZ
God spared my life...Anna Lane,Nelson,NZ
The Treasure Map 1Owen Jorgensen.
The Treasure Map 2Owen Jorgensen.
The Treasure Map 3Owen Jorgensen.
God's Grace -Japan EarthquakeGrace Yang, Kanto,Japan

  The Scripture Saith...

Surely the Lord God will do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets. The lion hath roared, who will not fear ? the Lord God hath spoken, who can but prophecy?

Amos 3:7,8

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Book - Gary Walker's
Three times dead
- but still alive
Email: Deborah Walker
Mountainside and
Rosebush in snow
in China.
In the photo is the
face of our Lord.

W. Branham - Study

Brother Branham

in Ohio river - 1933.
Brother Branham and son
Joseph on pyramid
shaped Rock.
Lit up by supernatural

W. Branham
- Hunting Trip

Supernatural light around
Brother Branham's head.

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