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After Bro. Charles shared his vision of sending out a monthly newsletter, with some christian brothers, eventually the vision became a reality and on the 1st March 2008, the first Believers Newsletter was Emailed out to Message believers throughout New Zealand and Australia. And it has gained momentum until Christians from all over the world receive this message of God's love and caring - as a healer of their sickness, in the christian believers' testimonies of God's goodness to them. Also we send out news items of visiting Speakers, Missionary reports, planned Young People's Camps (N.Z. or offshore) This encourages our Christian friends in this difficult time. When we see nations rising against nations and tribulation abounding, as young folk are turning to Drugs and Alcohol, they can hear the message of deliverance.

Today, Brother Charles Wilson, and the committee provide a medium for the dissemination of testimonies, comments, news, interesting anecdotes and missionary reports - anything that would glorify God and could encourage a fellow pilgrim.

The organising Committee has been ably supported by a number of brothers and sisters at different times, each contributing their skills to enable the publication of a quality newsletter to the glory of God. Initially it was in an email format, circulated amongst the pastors and ministering brethren in New Zealand. Some recipients then printed the Believers' Newsletter for their own congregations, but the distribution grew quickly to include those outside the main fellowships and also became a way of linking isolated saints who lacked the opportunity for regular fellowship. In addition, distribution facilitated by the internet, quickly spread the Believer's Newsletter well beyond the shores of New Zealand.

By the latter half of 2010, the distribution list grew, and the Believers' Newsletter now goes across the Tasman to Australia and the Pacific, to North America and to Europe and South Africa. This change of readership pattern reinforces the original aim to promote material that will encourage saints on their journey. We prefer to leave doctrinal issues to the local Pastor's realm.

  Committee Members and Support Team

Bro Charles Wilson
- Founder


Charles was a retired Businessman, after which, he became involved in managing a Christian Radio Broadcasting Station throughout the central North Island for ten years and also wrote a weekly Christian Editorial during that era. It was after Charles and Joan shifted to the Bay of Islands that he was baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and two years later, introduced the Believers Newsletter. He and his wife, Joan, have two grown up sons.

Bro Dean Gilchrist
- Spiritual Advisor


Dean is a solid and dedicated believer in the revealed word of the hour, he has a deep love for the Lord as well as a desire to see God's people come into a personal union with Christ through the revelation of the word. He has been associated with the end time message for over 40 years and has had the privilege of seeing and experiencing many things along the journey. He is currently pastoring a Church in Wanganui where he lives with his wife Michelle and their two children. You can visit their church web site on: www.end-time-message.org

Bro Adrian Gray
- Missions Coordinator


Adrian came to the Lord in 1983 at an A.O.G. Church in New Plymouth, N.Z. The Lord caused his farm contract to end soon after which caused him to shift to another area where unbeknown to him was a message church. So in 1984 he was baptized in the name of The Lord Jesus Christ and his spiritual life changed radically to where he is ministering the message today. Adrian and his wife Mary have three grown up children. Their son, Matthan has ministered from the age of 15 years.

Bro Graeme Harnett
- Spiritual Coordinator


Graeme was raised in a loving Christian Family and gave his heart and life to the Lord Jesus Christ at thirteen years. He eventually became the pastor of a large and well known church in Christchurch. He progressed into the Message of the Hour in its fulness over twenty years ago and Pastors a fellowship in a suburb of Christchurch. He lives in West-Lake in Christchurch with his wife Miriam his three adult children their spouses and grandchildren.

Bro Andy Clifford
- Editor


Andy claims to have been an athiest for 25 years, a drug dealer, and in and out of prison (literal and spiritual). But looking back he can see God's hand in his life, being translated by a series of supernatural events, 8 years ago. He brings skills in graphics, writing, and publishing to the BNL. "He that has been forgiven of much, loves much". He lives in Wellington with his wife and three children.

Bro David Shearer
- Technical, Webmaster


David accepted the Lord as saviour at 15 years old. At 16 he attended a meeting in Palmerston North, where Bro Pearry Green was showing the films of Brother Branham. (1970). He was baptised later that year at the first Gisborne Convention. He has been involved in 'technical' things all of his life. As BNL webmaster, over the last six years, he has added more than 2600 pages to this site, most in languages other than English.

  Promoted To Glory.

Sister Joan Wilson

Sister Joan helped her husband, Bro. Charles in a secretarial role which she had pursued all her working life. She considerd her voluntary duties in the Believers Newsletter as more blessed and rewarding spiritually, than any of her other careers that she had previously.

Sister Joan went to be with Jesus on 9 July 2014.

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Some people won't walk across the street to see one of the meetings, and she come from the utmost parts of the world to hear the wisdom of Solomon. And behold a greater than Solomon is here. Solomon's God is with us, sure, doing the same thing He did in Solomon's day. No wonder Jesus said she'd rise in the judgment and condemn this generation.

William Branham - The Queen of the South (1960)


We have expanded the material on the site and it is our prayer that it will be a blessing to you. On the Browse Page you can browse or download back issues of the BNL. On the Links Page there is a range of links to other message related sites you may be interested in visiting. The Ministry Page is a guide to the significance of the end time ministry of brother William Marrion Branham. The Testimony Page has some outstanding Testomonies we have uncovered or had sent to us. The Events Page gives details of upcoming conventions and meetings. The News Page details current events that are of interest to Believers. The Books Page allows you to download a range of rare material, as well as Fiction. The Go Ye... Page has reports of Mission trips and hints for Evangelism. The Word Page allows you to download the Bible in other languages. The Sermons Page has links to Transcribed Sermons. The Music Page has resources and reviews of Christian music and DVD's. The Creation Page has Information relating to Intelligent Design and Creation. The EndTimes Page has Tomorrow's News headlines. The MP3 Page has Legacy Sermons (MP3's) for you to download. The About Page tells about BNL Ministries and the Committee members. Our International Pages are a resource in other languages designed to be shared in personal witnessing. Our Science Pages are a collection of pages showing the truth of God's Word, confirmed by research. Our Bible is true!.

Christian Blessings
Charles Wilson - Founder.
and The Committee, BNL Ministries.

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