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  What is the "Message" about.

Note: This list is not necessarily complete. It contains most of the principles of what we call the "message". We have included Tape numbers, so you can download MP3's from the Message Hub. Some have a single messaage, others are found throughout a number of sermons. Also, check out Ron Millevo's Quick reference Guide (PHbook in table below) for more detail. Please let me know of any others that are important.
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Serpents Seed58-0928E
Seven Church Ages (Rev 1-3)CAB
The GodheadPHbook - 7
God - hidden and revealed in simplicity63-0317M
Breach between the 7 ages and the Seals63-0317E
The Seven SealsPHbook 4
63-0318, 63-0319, 63-0320, 63-0321, 63-0322,63-0323, 63-0324E, 63-0324M
PredestinationPHbook -5
The Token -The Life of Christ on display63-0901M
Water BaptismPHbook -8
God's AttributesPHbook -7
Nicolaitanism -Man control of the churchCAB pg61
Mystery BabylonPHbook -21
Mark of the BeastPHbook -20
Communion and FootwashingPHbook -40
Church Order / OfficesPHbook -11
Who is Melchisedec65-0221E
The Kinsman Redeemer60-1002
Beyond the Curtain of Time
Marriage and Divorce65-0221M
The Forerunners - John and Elijah
Modern Events made clear by Prophesy65-1206
The Rapture65-1204
Invisible Union of Christ and His Bride65-1125
What is the Holy Ghost59-1216
Satan's Eden65-0829
The Anointed ones at the End-Time65-0725M
Recognising your day and it's Message64-0726M
Doing God a Service without His Will65-0718M
The Feast of Trumpets64-0719M
Three kinds of BelieversPHbook -16
The Absolute62-1230M
The Stature of a perfect man62-1014M
Restoration of the Bride Tree62-0422
Daniel 70 Weeks61-0730M
Jezebel ReligionCAB pg158
The Choosing of a Bride65-0429E
The Christian's LifePHbook -10
The woman's headshipPHbook -28
Christ is the mystery of God revealed63-0728
The Indictment of Organised Religion63-0707M
The Three Comings of ChristPHbook -15
The Sovreignty of GodPHbook -6


There are only two films of Brother Branham ministering. One is called "Deep calleth to the Deep", and is a full sermon followed by a Prayer Line, where the sick are prayed for. The Other is called "20th Century Prophet" and is an interview with Brother Branham, where he explains how the Angel came to him, to give him his commission to pray for the sick. It also includes excerpts of Prayer Lines, showing the operation of the gift.

To see these, Click the William Branham link on Cloverdale Bibleway Website.

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Notice also John 14:12, He said, "The works that I do shall you do." All these other Scriptures, what does He do? He's here now proving (not Luther's age, not Wesley age, not Pentecostal age, not Baptist age, not Presbyterian age; we've went right down through it and proved it by history in the Bible; but what?) the age of the Son of man being revealed to bring these things in to fulfill the Word when all must be fulfilled. See? We see it, and it's true.

William Branham - Proving His Word (1964)

  The Scripture Saith...

Behold I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord:

And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers, lest I come and smite the earth with a curse.

Malachi 4:5,6

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William Branham
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How the Angel came
to me.

Pillar of Fire on Brother
Branham's Shoulder.

Hannah giving Samuel
to Eli

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