Evidence of the Flood.

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Widespread Rock Strata.

David Shearer.

Some rock strata can be found across many continents. The chalk beds of South England can be found across Northern Ireland, Europe, Egypt, Turkey, and the American midwest, to south Australia. These have the same fossils in them, and layers above and below, are also the same.

This is evidence of "global" deposition of sediments.

Rapid Fossil Burial.

There is evidence of rapid fossil burial. A fossil fish, for example, is in the process of eating another fish. Both are fossilized together. This must have happened very quickly.

In another case a mother Ichthyosaur (ancient marine reptile, a porpoise-like creature) is in the process of giving birth, when it is buried and fossilized. The editor of "Nature" magazine called this a "time freeze frame".

Soft Tissue.

The presence of very soft tissue in the fossil record, such as jellyfish, flowers, and leaves, indicate very rapid burial. Because these have been trapped with intricate detail, (tendrils, petal structure etc), it must have been rapid, not slow deposition, or these features would have decayed.

Fossilized jellyfish in Tasmania, are so intricate, a geologist concluded that this must have happened in less than a day, to be preserved like this.

Fossil Alignment.

Many fossil shellfish are "aligned" in the same direction in the strata. This is an indication that they are buried by a massive flow of sediment and water, flowing in the same direction.

Land and sea creatures.

Land creatures are often found in the same rock strata along with sea creatures. These creatures did not live together, but they are buried together. This is another indication of catastrophe.

Ripple marks in Strata.

There are markings in rock strata, that are called "cross beds". These are ripple patterns in the rock strata, that are caused by water flowing over the top of the sediments, causing it to bank up. From this we can determine the direction of water flow. [In conventional thinking, (slow and gradual deposition) these would take water flowing for 300 million years across the top of the sediments.]

These marks cannot be caused by slow deposition, and is an indication of a flood catastrophe.

Knife edge boundaries.

Often between rock layers there are smooth "knife edge" boundaries. If this had been forming over millions of years, there would be irregular boundaries, due to erosion, and material deposited on the surfaces of the layers. This is not the case, indicating that strata were formed very quickly.

Folded Rock Strata.

Sometimes rock layers are "bent" by external pressures. These are smooth even bends, and indicate that they must have occured while the rock was "soft". This often happens over multiple layers: all of them would have been soft, meaning that they were not formed over millions of years, or the layers would have fractured and shattered.

It is sometimes claimed, that this can occur if the rock is subject to heat along with pressure. This however would change the composition of the rock, which has not occurred.

Polystrate Fossils.

Polystrate (Poly=many, Strata=layers) fossils, are fossils that extend through many layers of rock in order to be buried. An example is trees trunks in the coal beds of Newcastle, Australia. These extend through a number of coal, then volcanic layers, then coal again. They are vertical, but have no branches or roots. This shows rapid burial, not slow and gradual deposition, as is claimed. Similar trees were found after the Mt St Helen's eruption, in Spirit Lake, stumps standing vertically through multiple layers of volcanic ash.

In Joggins, Nova Scotia, Canada, there is many trees, that penetrate 20 rock layer boundaries, scattered through a 760m height of rock stratas. The trees would have rotted away if the rock layers were deposited over millions of years.

  Coal beds.

Coal beds.

Coal has been formed by ancient vegetation. It is estimated that there is 7 trillion tons of coal that has been deposited in beds over the whole Earth. This includes Antartica.

Objects have been found inside lumps of coal. This proves that the coal beds were formed when there was a civilisation, that could create these objects. The coal beds could NOT have been formed "millions of years" ago.

Found inside lumps of coal.

Small pot.

Ornate bell.

The Bible said...

Psalm 121:1-2

I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help.

My help cometh from the LORD, which made heaven and earth.

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