What is the Holy Ghost?.

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It's your Seal.

William Branham.

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What is the Holy Ghost?.

Now, I've asked this tabernacle.... Now, we're not entering into this, just for a protracted meeting. I want to enter into this— and I want you and have asked you to burn every bridge that's behind you and make every sin right— that we're coming into this with all that's in our hearts and lives. We must come here for the sole purpose of getting our souls ready for the coming of the Lord, and for no other purpose. And as I have spoken and said, that maybe sometime I might teach or say something that might be a little contrary to what someone else... the way they believed it. I did not come for controversy, you see. I come.... We're here to make ready the coming of the Lord.

Upon this place, we wish to approach the subject (which I think is the outstanding subject of today) of: What Is the Holy Spirit? What is it? And now, the reason I have taken these subject in line like this: You cannot come and receive the Holy Spirit, unless you know what it is. And you cannot receive it (if you know what it is), unless you believe it's given to you, and it's for you. And then, you cannot know whether you've got it or not, unless you know what results it brings. So if you know what it is, and who it's to, and what action it brings when it comes, then you'll know what you've got when you get it, see. That just would settle it.

Now, there is a vast difference between just a Christian and a Holy Ghost filled Christian. And now, we're going to get this from the Scripture and place it just exactly in the Scripture. The first place, there is a Christian professed to be a Christian. But if this Christian has not yet been filled with the Holy Ghost, he's only in process of being a Christian, see. He is professed to believe it; he's working to it, but God has not yet given him this Spirit of the Holy Ghost. He's not yet reached that goal with God, that God's recognized it.

The circumcision is a type of the Holy Ghost. And God gave Abraham the circumcision sign after he had accepted God on His promise and walked out into a strange country, see. It was a sign. And all his children and his seed after him should have this sign in their flesh, because it was a distinction. It was to separate them from all other people, this sign of circumcision. And that's what God uses today. It's the sign of circumcision of the heart, the Holy Spirit, that makes God's church a separated church from all other creeds, faiths, and denominations. They're in all kinds of denominations, but yet they are a separated people.

You are so different when the Holy Spirit comes on you, until the mind of this world don't like you, and they are against you, and they don't want nothing to do with you at all. You're born of another world; you are just as much an alien, ten times more alien than you'd be if you'd go in the farthest flung regions of African jungles. You're different when the Holy Spirit comes. And it's a sign. It's a mark amongst the people. Now, you say then, “Brother Branham, that sign of circumcision was given to Abraham (that is true) and to his seed.” Yes. All right.

Now Ephesians 4:30 reads like this: And grieve not the Holy Spirit of God, whereby ye are sealed unto the day of redemption. I'm going to have to get a little bit hard on this now. Lay down.... Now, you legalist brethren, just hold quiet for a little bit. Did you notice how long that seal lasts? Not till the next revival, until the next time something goes wrong, “Until the day of your redemption!” That's how long you're sealed. Until the day of your redemption, when you are redeemed up to be with God, that's how long the Holy Spirit seals you. Not from revival to revival, but from eternity to eternity you are sealed by the Holy Spirit. That's what the Holy Spirit is; it's a seal of God, that He's found... you've found grace in His sight, and He loves you, and He believes you, and He's put His seal upon you. What is a seal? Anyone.... Why, a seal designates or means “a finished work.” Amen! God has saved you, sanctified you, cleaned you up, found favor with you, and sealed you! He's finished! You're His product until the day of your redemption. A seal is a finished thing. What is the Holy Ghost? It's a sign. We're going to get on that a little later on in another message, the sign that Paul spoke of; tongues was a sign to believers... or, unbelievers.

Now, notice, but in this, the Holy Ghost is a sign... I mean, and the Holy Ghost is a seal. It's a sign that God gave to His chosen children. To reject it is to be cut from the people; and to receive it is to be finished with the world and all the things of the world, and to be a product that God has put a seal of approval on. I used to work on the railroad out here with Harry Waterberry. And we would go down to load a car. My brother, “Doc,” standing back there, helps load cars. When a car is being loaded, they go through that car (the inspector); and if he finds anything loose where it would fall and break, or anything that would destroy.... He will not seal that car until that car is so completely packed, until it's so packed down, and so in order, that the shaking of the ride won't bother the product that's on the inside.

That's what's the matter we don't get sealed so much; we're too loose about things. When the Inspector goes through to inspect your life to see if you're not just a little loose about things, little loose about your prayer life, little loose about that temper, little loose about that tongue to talk about others; He will never seal the car. Some dirty habits, some vile things, some vulgarity mind, He can't seal the car. But when He's found everything in its place (the Inspector), then He seals it. Dare be anybody open that seal until that car has reached its destination to where it's sealed for. There it is. “Touch not My anointed; do My prophets no harm. For I say unto you, it'd be better for you that a millstone was hanged at your neck, and you were drowned in the depths of the sea than to even try to offend or shake a little on the least of these that's been sealed.” You see what it means?

That's what the Holy Spirit is. It's your assurance; it's your protection; it's your witness; it's your seal; it's your sign that “I'm heaven bound!” Don't care what the devil says, I'm heaven bound. Why? He sealed me; He gave it to me. He sealed me into His kingdom, and I'm glory bound! Let the winds blow; let Satan do what he wants to; God's done sealed me till the day of my redemption. Amen! That's what the Holy Ghost is. Oh, you should want it; I couldn't go on without it. So much could be said there, but I'm sure you know what I'm speaking of.

Now, also, let us turn to John 14 just for a minute. I just love the Word; it's the truth. Now, the Spirit of God, the Holy Ghost.... What is the Holy Ghost? It is the Spirit of Christ in you. Now, before we read, I'd just like to say a few commenting words here. What is the Holy Ghost? It's a seal. What is the Holy Ghost? It's a covenant. What is the Holy Ghost? It's a sign. What is the Holy Ghost then? It's the Spirit of Jesus Christ in you. “A little while,” said Jesus, “and the world sees Me no more, yet ye shall see Me; for I will be with you, even in you to the end of the world.”

The Spirit of God in His church, what for? What did He do it for? This is a little on tomorrow night's subject, but what did He do it for? Why did He.... Why did the Holy Spirit.... What did He come for? What did He come in you for? What did He come in me for? Was to continue the works of God. “I always do that which is pleasing to My Father. I come not to do My own will, but the Father that sent Me; and the Father that sent Me is with Me. And as My Father has sent Me, so send I you.” Oh, my! The Father sent Him, went in Him. The Father that sent Jesus came in Him, worked through Him. The Jesus that sends you goes with you and is in you. And if that Spirit living in Jesus Christ made Him do and act the way He did, you'll have some general idea how it'll do when it's in you; because that life cannot change. It'll go from body to body, but it cannot change its nature, for it is God.

Now, we're going to ask now.... Promised to us in the last days.... This advocate, seal, promise, everything that we have talked about Him tonight— with ten thousand times more— it was made a promise to us in the last days. They didn't have it in that day; they just had a seal in their flesh as a token and a sign, believing it was coming. And they walked by the shadow of the law, which they were circumcised by flesh. Today we don't walk by the shadow of the law; we walk by the power of the resurrection. We walk by the power of the Spirit who is our true seal, our true advocate, our true Comforter, our true sign that we have been born from above, peculiar, odd people, acting funny, taking God at His Word, calling everything else wrong. God's Word is right. Oh, my! That's what the Holy Ghost is.

Now, now, we're going to find out, after they were filled, they were sealed until how long? How many here's got the Holy Ghost, let's see your hand. There's more with the Holy Ghost than there is without. We want you to be one of us, Brother, Sister. When you understand what it is, it is the Spirit of God dwelling in you to do the works of God. When God ever sent any of His Spirit into any of His servants, any of His prophets, any of His teachers, any of His apostles, they were always rejected of the world. They were considered crazy in every age there was. Even when Paul stood before Agrippa, he said, “In the way that's called heresy....” What is heresy? “Crazy.” In the way that they call crazy, a bunch of nuts, that's the way I worship the God of our Fathers.“ I'm so glad that I can say I'm one of them. Yes, sir! That's right. I'm so glad I can say I'm one of them.

Now, after this Holy Ghost fell upon them, it made them so much sweethearts, until everything was in common. Is that right? My, my, what a fellowship! We sing that song sometimes: “Oh, what fellowship, oh, what joy divine....” That's it. They didn't care whether the sun shined or didn't. They didn't ask for a flowery bed of ease. “Now, I'll receive the Holy Ghost,” says some people to me, “Mr. Branham, if you will guarantee me that I'll be a millionaire, if you'll guarantee me I'll find oil wells, and if I'll find gold mines, and I....” See, people teach that, and they teach a lie. God has not promised those things.

A man that ever receives the Holy Ghost don't care whether he begs for bread or not; doesn't make any difference to him; he's a heaven-bound creature. He's got no ties here at all! That's right. He don't care; let come, let go, what may. Let them criticize, make fun, lose your prestige, what do you care? You're on your road to Glory! Hallelujah! Your eyes are set on Christ, and you're on your road. You don't care what the world says. That's what the Holy Ghost is. It's a power; it's a seal; it's a comforter; it's an advocate; it's a sign. Oh, my! It's the assurance that God has received you.

How much time have I taken? I've got just eight more minutes. All right. I got a lot of Scriptures here. I don't guess I can get them in, but we'll try our best. Now, after a man has been filled with the Holy Ghost, is it possible that persecutions and things would cause him to have to come back and.... Now, he ain't going to lose; he's still a son of God; he will always be, because you're sealed how long? [Congregation answers, “Until the day of redemption.”] That's right. That's what the Bible said.

Read the full account in...
What is the Holy Ghost?.

We must come
here for the sole
purpose of getting
our souls ready
for the coming
of the Lord.

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